Who needs Tabletop Simulator?

A look at the growing community of people who are playing Destiny remotely using webcams, and how to get involved.

Viper Probe Droid

A look at the recent clarification on Viper Probe Droid and its implications

eLeia/eLor San/LTP deck review

A review of Leia/Lor/LTP, which won the UK TTS theme event, and came second in the EG weekly, written by the deck’s pilot, Wojtek. Is this the beginning of the Mill Renaissance?

Anakin/Ahsoka deck review

A review of eAnakin/eAhsoka, the deck that won the TTS Theme event in May, written by the deck’s pilot, Keir

The Future of the Game

A look at what we know about the future of Destiny under the stewardship of the continuing committee

Trandoshan Hunters

A look at public perception of Trandoshan Hunters. Are they broken, or merely very powerful?