Piett-eIDT-Jabba – Covert Missions deck review

I recently posted that I’ve been trying out Piett with elite non-unique characters.  Is his ability broken when you can guarantee rolling resource sides with an elite 11 point character?

Here’s what I’ve been working on (note that the Trooper should be elite):

Click the image to see this deck on swdestinydb

This deck revolves around using Piett’s ability to generate resources to set up a monstrous boardstate by the end of Round 2.

As a reminder, Piett’s ability says:

After you activate this character, turn any number of your vehicle and non-unique character dice to sides showing a value of 1.

This applies to both the Imperial Death Trooper (IDT) dice, your TIE dice and the FOST dice from Megablaster Troopers.

Round 1 you want to generate 2 resources in order to play and activate a Megablaster Trooper or 2 TIEs before activating Piett.  The IDT’s Power Action is great for this, combined with Jabba’s ability to pull Reap (which is so good with his +2 resource side), Delve or Well-Connected.  You can then use those the bonus Megablaster or TIE dice to generate 2 more resources to get out another TIE or Fickle Mercenaries.

Round 2 you should be able to generate a ton of resources before Piett dies, setting you up for a Megablaster or Planetary Bombardment (which can do up to 6 damage when played if you have your Merchant Freighters out).  I typically flip 1 ranged and pay sides to resources, and keep 2 ranged sides.

This deck runs light on mitigation as I feel the tech cards are just too good to drop.  Attack Formation can be epic, Counterintelligence helps guarantee the early ramp and protects the Planetary Bombardment die, Delve is so good with PB, as is Sudden Impact.  You could certainly dump Crime Lord, but I just couldn’t resist putting this in for a bit of fun, especially as Jabba is always the last to die.

You could swap the IDT for a Praetorian Guard to give access to Forsaken and Hidden Motive, but the trooper is more consistent for Round 1 ramp, Riot Shield blocks 3 and he keeps Attack Formation turned on for longer.  Blue however would also give you access to Vader’s Fist, but you’d have to drop Delve due to the restricted list. It’s a tough call, and one that needs playtesting.

In the limited testing I’ve done, this deck seems to be surprisingly effective, but achingly slow.  It is however really fun to play.

Since writing this article, I’ve been playing ePraetorian Guard/Piett/Jabba more, which in retrospect I think is the better deck. I’ve ditched the TIEs and I’m running the unholy trinity (Megablaster Troopers, Vader’s Fist, Entourage, plus Fickle Mercenaries). Access to Forsaken and Hidden Motive is very powerful, you get mitigation on demand from the Guard late game, and I’ve added an Entangle.

I had to drop the Delves due to the restricted list, but this doesn’t seem to be a problem. It’s actually quite easy to get a Round 1 Fist with this deck, combining Reap on Jabba’s die with Piett on the guard dice, netting you +4 resources.

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