Deck-crafting with the Covert Mission tutor

Destiny has very few cards which allow you to tutor (search your deck for) cards. This was a deliberate design decision. To quote FFG:

We think that search effects slow down games by creating more opportunities to shuffle, and do not want to make cards that break up the flow of the game

They’ve broken this rule a few times, initially with just Lightsaber Pull and Start Your Engines, but then 5 tutors appeared in Across the Galaxy (Armored Reinforcement, TIE Fighter, Millennium Falcon, T-16 Skyhopper and Bounty Board) followed by Entourage in Convergence.

While most of these have seen some play (especially Armored Reinforcement), they’ve all been pretty prescriptive in what they’ll let you tutor for.

This all changes with the eponymous Covert Mission.

This event lets you tutor for anything. For just one resource. Plus you get a free shield. And you don’t have to show your opponent.

The catch? You need to spot a mission plot.

How hard is that? To answer that question, here are our mission plots in Covert Missions.

If you’re actually trying to Construct the Death Star, Destroy the Death Star, train up a Jedi or performing a Coaxium Heist, Covert Mission is a fantastic bonus. This card was clearly designed to improve the consistency of these missions.

But is it worth running one of the 2 cost plots (or the 0 cost Coaxium Heist) just to get a universal tutor?

I’m not the first person to have considered this. Arrow Brook Gaming, in their Covert Missions spoilers article, said: “I’ve been looking at playing this card (Covert Mission) in a Construct the Death Star deck where the deck is not really trying to complete the mission, but use Covert Mission to search out a combo piece”

There are some cards which can be literally game winning when played early. Vader’s Fist is the prime example. However, if you tutor it with Covert Mission, then play it, you’ll need 6 resources, or 7 resource to resolve a pay side. That’s a lot. Though not impossible.

Alternatively, pulling some combo pieces together seems like a good plan. Here’s some combos I’ve been considering for a deck with the Covert Mission tutor.

All the deck ideas below are just concepts, to hopefully offer some ideas or inspiration.

Using Jedi Trials with a powerful Jedi (instead of the generally weaker apprentices) and a Padawan Braid seems like a good way to go, but relies on having the right cards at the right time. Maybe Mace’s ability combined with Covert Mission can make this idea more consistent?
I love Piett with non-unique elites. Rainbow villain gives access to the unholy trinity (Fist, Megablaster and Entourage), Covert Mission let’s you tutor them, and, if you can pull it off, the Coaxium Heist may give you enough resources to play them (or enough to Crime Lord a character off the board). Just make sure you play Covert Mission before pulling off the heist.
The best combo piece in Covert Missions (proably) is Kanan and his lightsaber. Combine that with Ewok Ambush and you’ve got 5 un-mitigatable damage. Can we improve the consistency of this set piece by tutoring the pieces with Covert Mission?

Mill loves Coaxium Heist. That Pyke Sentinel does nothing for your opponent when you have no damage sides for them to remove with the guardian, and it provides a mission to spot for Covert Mission, pulling the right mill card at just the right time

I don’t know if any of the above ideas will really work, but I’m sure there’s a combo deck out there that can abuse Covert Mission.

Happy crafting.

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