Rating Legendaries from Covert Missions

With CM finally dropping this week we have decided to give our opinion on the Legendary cards that we will all be hoping (or not) to pull this week as we all open our packs. Without further ado let’s begin:


The three Villain Blue Legendary’s from CM

Darth Bane is looking likely to be the go-to villain blue ‘Big’ moving forward. His die sides are good but it’s in his ability and special where Bane really shines. Paired up with Death Field and we are looking at an insane damage output. To be able to drop a Force Wave first action round 1, then ramp into Death Field beginning of round 2 with the overwrite and you are set for the match. I’d have liked to have seem him have an additional point of health (4 out of 5)

Death Field quite frankly scares me. Historically anything villain blue that can roll itself back into the pool has always caused a few table flips or a lack of friends (I’m looking at you Vader’s Fist & Force Storm) [echo7: I also like this with the new On Guard, to get three rolls per turn]. Bane loves this [echo7: 5 damage from Bane’s special!], Palp loves this. This card, much like Vader’s Fist, will swing games. Get it down on your side of the table before your opponent does (4.5 out of 5)

Sith Lord is ‘Cunning‘ but for Sith characters only. Big die sides, but again you are really looking for that special. Once the special is resolved you get to exhaust the upgrade and roll the die again. It is not an ability so Bane can’t drop this round 1 and Palp would rather spend money elsewhere (3.5 out of 5)

Director Krennic is everything you’re looking for in a support character – Focus and resources. His double discard sides are incredibly threatening. Other characters at his points cost of 10/13 have to pay for that double discard side (Motti / Wullf Yularen) which puts Krennic above curve for his points cost comparative to the other red villain Leaders we have previously seen [echo7: I agree, though to see play outside Death Star decks I think we’re going to need a better 14/17 than IG-88 or Kylo]. The auto focus on activation is a nice bonus (3.5 out of 5)

The “Duchess” – A strong card with decent die sides, especially having the two special sides. I think I’d prefer to AR the Umbaran Hover Tank for half the cost, or play Megablaster Troopers. I’m only looking to play The “Duchess” in combo with Wat Tambor. Outside of Wat decks I can’t really see this seeing play other than on the kitchen table (2 out of 5)

Everyone’s favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett is a personal chase Legendary from this set for me. He has a fair health to cost ratio and I believe his die sides and ability take him above the curve. To make the most out of his ability you need to get a few bounties on the right character and not have his dice in the pool at the time of a kill. Your sequencing will be key to getting the most out of him. He’s Bala Tik in a sweet outfit. (4.5 out of 5)

FFG like to push thematic pairings: teaming Boba with his papa Jango is no exception. Two squad points left for either Double down or Any Means Necessary. The first card you’re putting in the deck has got to be the latest version of Slave I. I personally feel slightly underwhelmed by the ‘Piloting’ mechanic, however I feel it truly shines with Slave I and the infamous father/son Fett combo. The die sides are decent – not brilliant, it just feels fair. The ‘ping’ damage feels good [echo7: and double ping feels even better]. I don’t think Slave I is good enough to have a slot in a villain support deck so that does bring its generic rating down [echo7: I agree, and actually think the Legacies version is better for the cost as a generic support] (3 out of 5) In a Fett deck (4.5 out of 5)


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bluehero-1.png

Anakin Skywalker is a tricky one. He’s pretty beefy at 13 HP, his dice sides are OK I suppose, though it’s going to feel bad resolving the 1 shield or 1 melee sides and he’s a pretty huge 15/19. His ability though is a 2 damage swing on activation, and that’s where he shines. You’re going to need to make sure the opponent has a shield to steal, but Covert Missions gives us Nullify, Anakin’s Lightsaber and Standoff, not forgetting Pacify. You also really need to be playing him with an apprentice: this is FFG telling you to play eAhsoka, unless you feel like gambling on drawing a Padawan Braid. I think he’s strong, and there’s going to be some fun shield interactions, but I don’t think he’s going to be seriously competitive (3.5 out of 5)

Anakin’s Skywalker’s Lightsaber is an excellent and fair card. Redeploy, 3 melee sides (and all 2’s), plus a nifty play ability which can result in 3 free shields with Anakin’s ability: this card is going to be a staple in blue hero decks from now on (including ReyLo) and represents a small but significant improvement on Rey’s Lightsaber. It’s not even close to broken, but it will see a lot of play as it’s simply a good card (4 out of 5)

Hera is nicely costed at 9/12 for a three-wide hero vehicle deck. She’s got decent sides and she’s got piloting which I think is a big plus in wide support decks especially with cards like Eject and Assail floating around. I think she’s going to have a place in a Covert Missions 5 die hero drive-by, or in a Spectre deck with Kanan and Chopper/Zeb. If DM wasn’t around, I would love to play her in a Shadow Caster reset deck, but while it is a thing, she remains merely fair (3.5 out of 5)

Poe… 14/17 is such an awkward cost. He really has to be played 2 wide, which leaves you with a pretty disappointing lineup regardless who you field him with, as his die sides are pretty mediocre for the cost. Getting a plus 2 damage from a vehicle is nice, but you have to telegraph which vehicle you’re pumping by piloting it, making the opponent’s task of mitigating that die pretty easy. And because of the timing you can’t even use it to get +3 from a Crait Speeder. I just wish he was better (1.5 out of 5)

Ghost is a nice card. 3 damage sides, no blanks, and if you’re playing Hera it gets an ambush activation the turn it’s played. I’m reticent to give a vehicle too many points while they’re so easy to trash, and at 3 cost, it’s pricey, but I do like this one. I’m liking it in any Hera deck, and if you’re playing her with AR, it could be a strong round 1 play (3.5 out of 5)

Rebel Hangar represents excellent value from a card advantage point of view, plus it spreads your investment out a bit. I do not like the fact that you have to play the cards from your deck though: this kind of feels like sloppy design, and makes the card dead once you’ve drawn all but one of your vehicles. I like that it makes X-Wings playable: if you can get 4 X-Wings on the board, you are looking at phenomenal value with 3 sides on each representing 4 damage. It is however extremely expensive, and cannot be AR’d. I can see there being the potential for a Marauder/Enfys Delve/Hangar combo, and if any discount cards appear in Wild Horizons this could up in value, but for now its prohibitively high cost means I can’t justify giving this anything better than middling (2.5 out of 5)

Sinjir Rath Velus… no. Just no. 14/17 for sub-standard die sides and a painfully situational ability that would be bad even if you didn’t have to burn a card for it (.5 out of 5)


Shien Mastery is this set’s ability form. I love the design space with each of the forms and I think this is the best yet. Niman Mastery has been a staple in any and all blue ability decks, I think this will serve as a worthy overwrite as your board state progresses. Upon playing Shien you get to roll the die into your pool – I’d be happy to resolve any of the sides on the initial roll in. The special deals damage and mitigates an opponents die, this is as good as it gets for blue neutral upgrades [echo7: I even like Shien Training, and can’t wait for the day I resolve the Training special, play Mastery, and roll and resolve the Mastery special]. Legendary of the set for me (5 out of 5)

Magna Glove – It’s staying in the folder. I’ve pre-ordered four boxes of CM. If I pull four of these I’m going to be pissed. no rating

Z-6 Jetpack is an OK upgrade for two cost. In a Jango build I’d pay 1 resource (get a dollar back after playing an equipment) all day long for this. Might work in a special chaining deck if you are able to get value from this by dropping it round one and can consistently trigger the special. Maybe some spice with Yoda? Might just be playable is certain builds. I personally don’t think it is worthy of the Legendary tag [echo7: I agree; if anything that should have gone to the fantastic Boba Fett’s Wrist Laser] and for that reason we score the Jetpack (1.5 out of 5)

Overall, I think there’s some really interesting Legendaries out there, which are going to be fun to build with. For me though, the main appeal of Covert Missions is in the rest of the set. Unless you want to play Bane (which I do) this set looks to be one of the most financially accessible sets to date, as most of the Legendaries are likely to see relatively light play in competitive decks.

There’s some stellar rares, uncommons and commons in this set though, and that’s what I’m most looking forward to pulling. Good luck everyone.

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