ReyLo TTS Top4 deck review

In the first of our articles on the top 4 decks from the 6 April TTS tournament, we have a look at Duncan Fisher’s Top4 ReyLo build with an article written by the pilot himself.

Blue, especially blue hero, received quite a boost with Covert Missions, and given the popularity of ReyLo prior to its release (40% of all decks in Top Cuts since the most recent RRG), I was expecting this deck to be very popular. However, Duncan was the only ReyLo player in the field of 24 players.

I’ve got to admit, I’ve never been a fan of playing ReyLo in the past, and I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think the deck historically has under-performed despite its popularity.

However, I respect those who run it as the deck plays very fairly, with nothing about it intrinsically broken, and with a high skill ceiling due to multiple interactions and choices around offensive vs defensive strategies.

Here’s Duncan with his story:
I decided on playing Reylo as, in testing with fellow Scottish players over TTS in the previous weeks, it was the only deck I enjoyed that could keep up with all the other decks I expected to see. I’d been playing it since Nordics and Worlds so had a pretty good sense of piloting it, adapting to most given situations.

Click the image to go to the deck on swdestindb

On the day Swiss went very well for me, my only loss in the second game was against Yoda Qui-Gon, which honestly felt like a mirror match as both players were just fighting through shields. It went to time with no characters having been defeated, and I lost to a higher damage output from QGJ.

Other games I faced were Aphra, which the shields take care of the indirect nicely, Kragan Palp, where all the pings in the deck took Palp out early. I got lucky in some games, as Jawa mill didn’t find its Utinnis before I killed the Jawas, and Kragan Pyre didn’t find its heavy supports.

The toughest game was game 6 against the only undefeated player – Hannah, a great fellow Scottish player on 3 wide Villain supports [echo7: deck review from Hannah coming soon]. That was very close – I took Wat out early playing aggressive to stem the extra dice he brings. Down to the wire, and if Hannah had got mitigation on her final Sentinel card draw I’d have lost.

5-1 after Swiss meant I met Keir and his droids, another Scot who we play with. Probably the toughest match-up for me. First game was down to the wire but i decked myself in trying to get the damage needed to win, and lost on the claim. Game 2 was a washout to the eventual worthy champion. Was proud 3 of the top 4 all play up here together!

New additions to Reylo are of course Anakin’s Saber – a better weapon for the deck could not have existed and after testing, stuck 2 of them in the deck to guarantee it gets on the table. Other star cards I always like to see are Crossguard and Treasured Sabers – great play abilities, and always overwrite them into each other and into the 3 cost weapons round 2.

The star sabers

Free removal is what Reylo lives off, so Nullify can join Motive, Forsaken, Pacify. I put in an Acute Awareness particularly for Trando’s PA, but never met them, it still proved useful as most decks turn dice, even if it’s soft removal – it needs to be timed right. The other anti Trandos card I put in was Lack of Faith, which never had to be used, so maybe it was a bad call – it’s already been replaced by Dark Reflections as my Surprise! card.

New and surprise tech

Thank you to Duncan for the excellent write-up. Watch this space for future deck reviews from us and the wider Destiny community.

We’re also planning on recording the results from all TTS tournaments we can get our hands on, so check out the Coronavirus Season Results page (at the time of writing we have partial results from four TTS tournaments, but more are on their way).

If you have any results from a tournament that you want to send our way, please enter them on the Upload Tournament Results page.

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