Jabba/Wat/Sentinel TTS Top4 deck review

In the latest of our articles on the top decks from the European TTS tournament, we bring you a review of the Jabba supports Top4 deck run by Hannah Fez.

Villain supports have been a part of Destiny since Legacies, gaining serious traction in the days of pre-nerf Snoke, but still being a significant portion of the field since due to the huge power of supports like Vader’s Fist and Megablaster Troopers, taking the runner up spot at World’s 2019.

This deck archetype lacks the round 1 punch that a lot of current decks can put out, especially since Delve and Vader’s Fist got added to the restricted list, but if allowed to ramp, it can become unstoppable.

Wat was a staple in such decks since release, but hasn’t really had much to abuse with his Power Action since he was nerfed, with Megablaster only giving you one extra die with his PA, and Umbaran, arguably the best target to date, having the disadvantage that its best side is a pay side. Covert Missions however have given him some new toys, such as TIE Bomber and The Duchess.

Wat’s new toys

This, combined with the surprisingly effective Reap from Covert Missions, means villain supports is worth some serious consideration again.

Flip and resolve = lots of money

Here’s Hannah with how she found the deck:
I was playing a couple of games on Saturday trying to figure out what to play. I tried Piett, Snoke’s guard and Jabba… that didn’t go well [echo7: thanks for giving it a go]. Next up Jabba, Wat and the SM. That went slightly better.  Wat’s power action on the new red supports is so good. It made it the obvious choice over Piett.

For my opening hand I would mulligan hard for Reap (what a card!) [echo7: I agree, this card with Jabba is phenomenal: not only can he pull it from your deck but it practically guarantees you get to resolve his elusive +2 resource side] ensuring I got those resources. Depending on what I was up against determined what support I would mulligan for: 3 wide The Duchess; and 2 wide the Megas or the TIE Bombers.  I really liked the Bombers; that special is so good. Wat is usually the first target so I wanted to make good use of his PA in early rounds. I would try and get those red supports out early saving the others for when he was gone.  I also liked a Face the Enemy to open with to try and get rid of my opponent’s control.

I did really like the TIE Bomber round one making use of Wat’s PA, trying hard to get use of that special twice in round one. On round 2 trying hard for that special again then bringing it back to my hand.  Hopefully also having enough resources to Wat PA it back in before he gets killed off.

I was running 2 No Good To Me Dead but I never played them.  I didn’t lack cash at any point to need them. I was using the Salt Flats battlefield.  It’s been a while since I last played Destiny that I kept forgetting its PA. By the time I did remember I ended up using it for defence instead of turning Wat’s die to the 2 Focus.

My loss in Swiss was to Duncan’s ReyLo deck. That game was so close. He had damage out of hand that killed me off.  In the last round I tried to put the pressure on him at the end by rolling out Vader’s Fist instead of using Face the Enemy to mess with his hand. I didn’t think I had time to exhaust a character to use the card.

The game I found the toughest was against the eventual winner Keir (Chopper droids) [echo7: deck review coming soon]. Although I did win, I went into the game thinking it would be a loss for me.  Keir and I had practised the day before the tournament and he had beat me, which isn’t unusual when we play against each other! His droids deck is one that I have most struggled with.  We played against each other in the Scottish Primes Top 4 and he gave me a proper pasting with those pesky droids.  Beating him in Swiss was a little satisfying!

I got knocked out by the Jawas [echo7: deck review coming tomorrow]. That was a horrible match up for me. In the first game round 1 he milled 8 cards which took both my Megas and other goodies. He had so much control in his deck I couldn’t get anything going. I mulliganed hard for The Duchess and in the second game I did manage to get it out but again he was controlling that die.  Neither game was close. I think I only took out one Jawa and the 2nd game wasn’t much better for me.

I have been playing Palpatine/Watto for the last few months and Primes. I love that deck a lot but this was definitely fun and I’m looking forward to playing it more. Plus this deck has been the only one so far that I was able to beat the droids with. I think Palp is now in lockdown until further notice.

Thank you to Hannah for the write-up. We’re looking forward to seeing what you bring to the next TTS tournament.

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