Chopper Droids TTS champion deck review

Variations of R2-D2/C-3PO decks have absolutely dominated the meta since their release, with Chopper Droids winning 20 Primes out of 100 as well as winning World’s in the hands of Andrew Rothermel. Considering the length of the Spark of Hope meta, this kind of deck dominance is unprecedented in Destiny, and I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think they’re still overpowered in numerous results analyses and posts.

This strength and flexibility does however belie the fact that this deck is not simple to play. The after abilities of 3PO and R2 require clever timing and choices as to which dice to turn and which to pump with 3PO. It’s the very flexibility of the deck which offers the player so many choices, and inevitable pitfalls.

So far, Chopper Droids have won two significant online events since the release of Covert Missions, with Joe HonestlySarcastic of the Hyperloops winning Artificery XVII and Keir Sweeney winning the 6 April European TTS tournament.

Keir kindly agreed to do a write-up of the deck and his experiences in the tournament, so here he is:
Preface: a big thank you to Mark (Lockett) and all those involved in running the online TTS tourney, it ran really smoothly!

Firstly, I would like to highlight that the decklist I used was created by Joe (aka Honestly Sarcastic) over at The Hyperloops [echo7: click here for his excellent write-up, and thank you Joe for letting us share your decklist here]. I tend to use decklists provided by content creators as a base, and adjust flex cards based upon my preferences.

Click the image to go to this deck on swdestinydb. Thank you to Joe for giving us permission to share this here.

In this event however, It’s exactly the same as the one shared by Joe, the main reason for this is that up till only a day before, I was trying to get Thrawn/Praetorian Guard to work in a competitive setting. I didn’t feel confident enough with the list, so I decided to go and pick something I’m familiar with.

I’ve been playing droids since their release in SoH, and played various versions at events such as Nordic Grand Champs, Worlds 2019 and the Scotland Prime Championship. My local playgroup knows how much I love droids, and even traded me 3PO and R2 during the high demand for them in the early days. I really love their flexibility in match-ups, as they tend to play well into most pairings. Chopper’s variety on his die sides allow for you to adjust your line of play fluidly.

One of the tougher match-ups I find is the big hitters. The closest game of the day by far was Thrawn/Trandoshan played by George Barnes. Round 1 Chopper was put down by the huge amount of natural damage on the character pairing and I was almost sure it was over there and then. Luck was definitely on my side and after taking down the Trandoshan and controlling Thrawn’s dice over multiple turns, the Megablaster Troopers constantly rolled blanks. 4 consecutive times they all rolled blanks. I won the game with 1 health left on 3PO.

My only loss of the day was in Swiss versus Hannah, who was playing Jabba/Wat/Sentinel (deck review here). Hannah and I play almost every week and we’re both very familiar with each other’s deck choices, we always seem to find a way to play each other at tournaments.3 wide supports can be troublesome for Droids, especially when the big supports come down thick and fast with the help of Reap. The TIE Bomber did the most work, and they are so good with Wat’s PA.

I decided to hit her hand for a 3 discard on the first turn in the hope of getting rid of the supports. Unfortunately, I missed and the supports just kept coming from then on in. Well played Hannah, I’ll get you next time!

In the finals I met a really interesting Jawa mill deck (deck review here), of which I’ve seen a friend try out a different version before. Utinni! is quite a powerful card for that deck, but being able to pull back a milled mod with Chopper is great. Into the mill match-up you are able to ramp huge amounts, as there’s no chance you’ll lose a character. Controlling your opponent’s hand and resources is key here: it will allow you to max focus with 3PO and avoid getting all your dice removed. A great final, well played by my opponent.

Overall I really liked this build of the deck, running 2 Chewie’s and 2 Anakin Sabers feels really good with Abandoned Refinery. I’d try to squeeze in one Ewok Ambush, in previous versions I’ve always ran at least 3 action cheats and this felt like it needed it too.

I was hopeful that Run to Safety would be the star card of the day, but in reality I played against decks that used pretty much all targeted damage. I might have played it once in the entire day, and when I did, it was great, but I think I’ll be keeping it as one copy. 

Ultimately, the star card either has to be Anakin’s Lightsaber or Abandoned Refinery. Abandoned Refinery gives you so much value, along with the value from Chopper’s PA. The ability to discard a mod from Chopper to play an upgrade on R2 for 1 less resource and + 1 card is unbelievable. It was also super handy for discarding unique upgrades such as Anakin’s Lightsaber, allowing you to play it again for an extra 2 shields in those close endgame moments.

Overall it was a great day, and it was really good to chat and catch up with some people who I don’t get to speak to very often! Looking forward to the next.

Thank you to Keir for his write-up and congratulations on the win.

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