European TTSII Tournament Report


The dust has settled from the second European (apologies to our non-UK contingent for calling it UK last time) TTS tournament, and it was bigger than before, with 34 players, making it the largest TTS tournament of the season and of the meta. Congratulations to Mark Lockett and Watto’s Card Yard for organising another great event.

The results as always are on our Tournament Results page, but here’s a summary of the Top Cut:
Winner: eChopper/eC-3PO/R2-D2 (congratulations to Will Chappell)
Finalist: ReyLo (Matt Flockhart)
Semifinalists: ReyLo (Keir Sweeney again) & 2eImperial Death Trooper/Sentinel Messenger (Dave Payton)

Will Scotian (not Chappell)

Chopper Droids again. Prior to Covert Missions, Chopper Droids and ReyLo accounted for a third of all top cuts, and it looks like that’s not going to change any time soon. Chopper Droids have now won 4 of 12 TTS tournaments since the online season started.

This article isn’t about Hero Droids though – I’m going to look at the full character lineup list, kindly provided by Mark Lockett (tournament organiser), and have a look at the meta as a whole. While the Top Cut looks a little unoriginal, the rest of the field looks very interesting indeed.

Here’s the character lineups from the tournament, along with wins-losses after Swiss, in order of best performance. This time I’ve collated results of decks which made more than one appearance:

Chopper Droids: 5-1, 3-3, 3-3, 3-3, 1-5
ReyLo: 5-1, 5-1
2eImperial Death Trooper/Sentinel: 5-1
eKrennic/Wat/Sentinel: 4-2
eBane/FOST/Retribution: 4-2, 2-4
eBane/Nute: 4-2, 3-3, 2-4
eMaul/Executioner/Order 66: 4-2
eJabba3/eWatto/Jawa Junk Dealer: 4-2
eKragan/Palpatine: 4-2
eLuke3/eJedi Knight: 4-2, 3-3
eLuke4/eFenn Rau/AR: 4-2
eIG-88/eTrandoshan/AMN: 3-3
eYoda/eQui-Gon Jinn: 3-3
eJabba3/Phasma2/Snoke Praetorian Guard: 3-3
2eTrandoshan/Imperial Death Trooper: 3-3
eChewbacca/eBail Organa/VaT: 2-4
eBane/Marauder: 2-4
eDJ/ePyre: 2-4
3Enfys Nest Marauder/Nar Shadda Thief/NoA: 2-4
eImperial Death Trooper/Hask/Veteran Stormtrooper: 2-4
eIden/eJango: 2-4
ePalp/eWatto: 2-4
eCassian/eJyn: 1-5
ePadme/eYoda/AR: 0-3
eMaul/Talzin/Retribution: 0-3

We have a varied meta: there’s 26 unique character lineups from 34 players.

Although Chopper Droids won the whole thing, it’s performance in Swiss was average; there were 5 appearances of this deck, with symmetrical scores of 5-1, 3-3, 3-3, 3-3 and 1-5.

There were 19 villains, 14 heroes and 3 neutral/ReyLo. That’s a nice balance.

Other than Chopper Droids, there were only 2 character lineups which have won previous TTS tournaments (double Trandoshan and eLuke/eFenn/AR). In previous seasons, champion decks have featured heavily in later tournaments, but it appears that this is not the case here. Whether that’s the nature of TTS tournaments, the fact people are just out to have fun, or are using this as a chance to innovate I cannot say.

6 Bane decks made an appearance, including 3 Bane/Nute decks! I don’t know for sure if this was a result of our Bane article, but whatever the reason, it makes me very happy indeed. If there had been a Top8 rather than just Top4, two would have made the cut (one FOST, one Nute). Sadly there was only a Top4. I really hope that even though none made the cut, they all enjoyed playing Bane as much as I do.

There was only one Kragan. Curious. And there were no mill decks except the Jabba/Watto deck, which had mill as a backup plan after Crime Lord. That deck sounded so interesting, I reached out to its architect Phillip Stinchcomb, who is doing a deck review for us, coming very soon.

I’m loving the variety in these decks and it looks like this tournament season is just going to keep on growing, with the European and American tournaments gaining numbers week on week.

Finally, please, if you’re in a TTS tournament, no matter how small, and regardless of whether you just know the winner or the complete top cut, consider uploading the results via our Results Uploader page.

It’s great seeing how this meta is slowly evolving and it bodes well for a future without FFG Organized Play.

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