ePadmé/eHan/Armored Reinforcement deck review

I remember when Padmé was spoiled: she looked incredible, especially paired with her Starship. However, despite her excellent dice (with an unprecedented 3 focus side) and her ability, her points cost and health mean she’s struggled to find a home in anything other than the occasional ePadmé/eBoushh deck.

I played ePadmé/eMaz/Armored Reinforcement in the first major event after Convergence landed. It did OK, but Maz, let’s face it, is pretty terrible. Transformations Han however is a quantum leap for this pairing. 13 points elite for 12 health, good dice sides (even that double disrupt can be devastating to ramp decks) and, crucially, Piloting, making this deck lightning fast.

This week’s Entourage Gaming weekly event was taken down by ePadme/eHan/Armored Reinforcement, under the steady hand of Rebel Traitor. We reached out to him to give us his second write-up for the site (the first being for his Aphra Outcast deck), and here it is:

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Hello, I’m rebel traitor. I’m known for consistently getting second place at tournaments. Even named my Podcast after it! However, last Thursday I took down first at Entourage Gaming’s weekly tournament. I did so using Padmé/Han/Armored Reinforcement. I think this deck has not gotten enough attention with all the chatter about Fateful going on. In my opinion, this deck should be the boogeyman, and not FC. The idea is to action cheat every round and then claim to play a powerful removal card or Jump to Lightspeed. You do this by ARing for Padmé’s Ship, and then activating Han Solo, who pilots the ship, which brings in Padmé.

One action, 5 huge dice

This deck’s primary game plan is to go fast and make sure you get the claim so you can play discounted removal with Mean Streets. To enable this, you need action cheats. This version of the deck is running seven: 2x Instigate, 2x Seize the Day, 1x Drop In, and 2x Impulsive. After this tournament, I would probably bump up Drop In to a 2-of. I was only on 1 because I was worried about losing the battlefield roll. You want to play one of these action cheats every round after the first. I generally throw these back in the mulligan, but you still want to have a lot of these in your deck.

To fulfill this game plan, you also need removal. For one drop removal I have Flee The Scene, Easy Pickings, Aerial Advantage, and Assail. Then I have 2 copies of Entangle and 2 copies of Jump to Lightspeed. You want mostly 1 cost removal because you can actually play them outside of Mean Streets.

Most of the time you’ll be action cheating, which puts you at 1 resource for the round, so you can play a one cost most of the time but a 2 or 3 is unreliable without claiming. Most of these cards remove multiple dice (Assail and sometimes Aerial being the exception), so playing one or two of these every round can be pretty backbreaking. Jump to Lightspeed with Mean Streets is also one of the most powerful plays in the game. There’s a reason old Hyperspace Jump and Mean Streets are restricted in infinite.

The rest of the deck consists of dice cards and a couple of random events. Logistics is there to make money on round one. Across The Galaxy is there in case I lost the battlefield roll (which I never did in all 5 rounds).

Roll-off probabilities for Padme/Han: well above average compared to most pairings, with a mean of 5.7

There aren’t many dice cards, and to be honest you don’t need many because AR guarantees you have access to Padmé’s Ship. In the finals, I won the game with only the Ship and a TLT. It and Handcannon are both super valuable upgrades, I would never cut either of those.

Han’s Blaster is a terrible card in this deck, I may have played it once throughout the entire tournament. The reason is that you never want to play it action one of a round, because you’ll be claiming and you want to play an action cheat that action. Additionally, most people (correctly) target Han first so it gets less value. Experimental Booster is also a terrible card, I never played it once. I just wanted it in there to have another mod for Aerial Advantage. It’s probably worse than Dorsal Turret in that slot, but I don’t think I would’ve played Dorsal at all if I had it.

The strategy of this deck may seem simple, but there are a lot of intricacies. In your mulligan, you’re generally throwing back everything except one drop removal and Logistics. Depending on the match-up you may want to keep Across the Galaxy as well. If you have Logistics, you can keep a 2 cost weapon as well. Your first action is always AR for Padmé‘s Ship.

Round one, you want to resolve Padmé‘s Ship for resources if you can, or maybe a Han die if you can’t. If you don’t deal enough damage this round you shouldn’t worry. Round 2 you should have an upgrade out and an action cheat. This round you should try to deal as much damage you can, indirect or ranged. Hopefully you’ll have a character at 7 HP left or less. Round 3 you should be able to get an action cheat kill and then jump out of the round [echo7: I personally love On The Mark for this deck. It turns Padmé’s focus sides into ranged sides for a round and I find it really helps to guarantee that kill. RebelTraitor isn’t running it, but I thought I’d throw it out as an option for other players].

You won’t be able to achieve this ideal every game. You can still follow the general game plan of trying to set up an action cheat kill round 2 or 3. After you get a kill, you can just create essentially a soft lock with action cheats and Mean Streets.

If you’re looking to counter this deck, you want to go wide and resilient and play Desperate Measures. DM doesn’t auto beat this deck, but it does put you in a really strong spot. This deck is really well-positioned into the meta, and it might even be the best deck [echo7: this lineup also came second in this weekend’s UK TTS event].  I also played this deck at the Entourage Gaming tournament of champions on Saturday, using an updated list (below). I ended up losing to a Jabba/Wat/Sentinel deck that ran DM. If you’re playing in a tournament soon, get ready to face this.

The revised decklist which took the runner up spot in the tournament of champions

Before I go, I want to thank echo7 for allowing me to share this article with you. He’s done a lot of work for the community over the past few months. I post a podcast on YouTube every week over at my YouTube channel, rebel traitor. I imagine this deck will be a pretty major topic of discussion this week. Have a great day, and remember to think about your plays before making them!

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