Know your dice QUIZ 2!

After the positive feedback we received from our previous ‘Know your Dice’ quiz we decided we would follow on with a 2nd edition concentrating on using the dice from Spirit of Rebellion.

If you are new to the concept quiz: we have designed a few fake cards that share die sides from cards from the Spirit of Rebellion expansion. You have to figure out which card die matches our fake Destiny cards.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Starting easy; Ponda Baba and Embo utilize Yellow character dice.

1. Ponda Baba 2. Embo

Cards 3 & 4. Original dice are the colors of the following respective cards.

3. Snowtrooper 4. Black Krrsantan

Cards 5 & 6 . Original dice are red.

5. Imperial Shuttle 6. TIE Interceptor

Cards 7 & 8.

7. Cara Dune 8. Tantive IV

9 & 10. A little different as these are re-imagined as battlefields.

9. Detention Centre 10. Cloud City

11 & 12

11. Deflector Shield 12. Ki-Adi-Mundi

Final two cards.

13. Rako Hardeen 14. Mother Talzin


Scroll down for the answers.




1. Ponda Baba was Unkar Plutt, 2.Embo utilised the Guavian Enforcer die
3. Snowtrooper shared sides with the original Death Trooper, 4. BK was Con Artist
5. Imperial shuttle used Krennic’s sides, 6. TIE Interceptor borrowed sides from the DT-29
7. Cara Dune took Baze’s sides, 8. Tantive IV borrowed sides from Baze’s Spirit of Rebellion partner “Snap”
9. Rather thematically, the Detention Centre was based on the Interrogation Droid, 10. Cloud City used R2-D2
11. Deflector Shield was based on Atromech, 12. Ki-Adi-Mundi took his sides from Vibroknucklers
13. Rako Hardeen used the Handcrafted Light Bow, 14. Mother Talzin utilized Force Push

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