Destiny Junior deck competition

Recently, the ever popular L8 Night Gaming destiny nights ceased to be. Fortunately, Destiny Junior (Discord/youtube) have taken up the mantle and will be replacing these events, sticking with the same format of casual decks being played, and a new guest every week. Here’s the schedule for the first few weeks:

As you can see, echobase have been invited to take part, and will be joining on 2 October, with Mark (echoFives) and Oli (echo3ofClubs) flying the flag for the site (even though it starts at 3am UK time; they really are that dedicated).

We’re going to need quite a few decks for the evening/morning, and are hoping to bring some fun and original stuff along with us. To that end, we are holding a submit a deck competition [note: this competition is now closed].

If you’d like to see your deck played (and win some cards in the process) please submit your deck over on the deck submission page. We’ll look through the decks, try some (if not all) of them out, and promise to play some of them on the night. We’ll also pick our favourite and send some promo cards out as a prize to the winner.

After the night, we’ll publish an article of our 5 favourite original decks, giving full credit to the deck architects as well as including some of our thoughts on the decks.

The only requirement we’re putting on the decks (other than they have to be Standard legal) is that the decks have to be (relatively) original. Original might mean that it’s an original character lineup (you can see tournament winning character lineups on our results page if you’re not sure) or an original approach or strategy which utilizes an already established lineup.

Decks don’t have to be top tier, but we’re not looking for complete jank either. Decks hopefully should be fun to play (though not necessarily fun to play against).

If you want to enter a deck, please do so over at our deck submission page here [note: this competition is now closed].

And finally, please check out the Destiny Junior video content here:

Click the image to go to their YouTube channel

If you like what we do, please consider becoming a Patreon supporter:

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