echobase Deck Competition Results

A couple of weeks ago, we launched an echobase deck competition. We asked for people to submit decklists, with the criteria that they had to be Standard Format decks, and had to be original.

We were blown away with the decks which came in. Not only were there a lot, but they were all really good – literally every deck was interesting and gave us pause for thought. And that made picking a Top5 really really hard. We also didn’t really have any internal criteria for picking decks. We just went with ones we liked, and we didn’t all agree (except on the winning deck).

The decks below may not necessarily be the strongest submitted (though we think they all could be moderately competitive), but they were ones that most appealed to us, either because they were really interesting, featured unusual or fun interactions, or were just wonderfully thematic.

Make sure you tune into the Destiny Junior gaming night this Friday night to see some of these decks in action, as well as some new decks featuring Faltering Allegiances spoilers.

In no particular order, here are the 4 runners up:

eHan/ePoe/Profiteering aka Good Hair by Joe Kirkwood

Click the decklist to view this deck on swdestinydb

Joe writes:
New take on pew pew go fast. Roll-out Han early and use Profiteering for quick money. Ordnance Launcher on Han allows roll out, resolve 1$ with Profiteering, and Ordnance Launcher.

As well as a lot of fun, it has an awesome name: Good Hair. Great use of Profiteering in this build, even if it does only extend to Han‘s dice. One reservation with the decklist is that it features 8 pieces of removal conditional on Han being alive (Easy Pickings, Electroshock, Entangle, Near Miss). We’re hoping that the speed of the deck and Han‘s beefy 12 health (plus Field Medics) mean this shouldn’t be a major problem.

Grievous/3Sentinel by Clochard

Click the decklist to view this deck on swdestinydb

clochard writes:
33 health, want to abuse the Sentinel‘s passive action with 19 0 cost cards in order to play 5+3 cards/turn, otherwise Defoliator and Wheel Bike to kill

4 wide! [echo7: This reminds me of my Grievous/2Sentinel/Greedo deck from last year, but it takes the 0 cost cards to the next level, plus the line-up is all Convergence so is rotation-ready]. It might lack punch; perhaps swapping Hidden Motive for Vader’s Fist might help there if it proves to make enough money. The Defoliator/Communication Module combo is a great play to make that special more consistent, so long as you can navigate around the opponent’s mitigation. Shame Arena of Death is on the restricted list…

eKragan/eNute/Blockade by 3c-1o

Click the decklist to view this deck on swdestinydb

3c-1o writes:
Objective is to block/limit and disrupt my oponent. My goal is to hinder the setting up of my opponent

Blockade is a card that has seen barely any play since it was released. This looks to be an interesting disruptive deck, though may lack health. It’s going to be tough for your opponent to build up any kind of resource pile, and Admiral Kragan sounds fun. The addition of Truce in order to use Kragan‘s ability even when the opponent is out of resources might be a good switch.

eThrawn/eBib by Aron Björk

Click the decklist to view this deck on swdestinydb

Aron writes:
Fairly standard Admiral reset deck. Bib‘s special on Thrawn‘s dice in combination with Quicksilver Baton for multiple resolutions can also make for explosive turns. Consider taking shields if you win the roll-off, since you can change to your battlefield once/if you get Grand Moff in play. Use Face the Enemy, Counterintelligence and Thrawn‘s Power Action to slim removal out of your opponent’s hand and deck.

Bib is a great majordomo for Thrawn. We love the choice of Face The Enemy as the restricted card. This decks lacks mitigation, but hopefully can use the opponent’s against it.

AND THE WINNER IS… : eBoushh/eHan/eUnited by Matthew Hayes

Click the decklist to view this deck on swdestinydb

This deck, submitted by Matthew Hayes, was the only one in the Top5 which we all agreed on. He writes:
For background, my goal was to use United/We Stand with something other than blue. Red is red, so I went with hero yellow, due to its strong removal options. I thought that, thematically, Boushh and carbonite Han are perfect. You should try to get Mean Streets if you win the roll off. The deck is pretty fast and claims often and Han‘s dice can help you win the roll off. For strategy, I work to load up Boushh, as opponents should go after Han first. If Boushh is the target, there are plenty of redeploy weapons. Déjà Vu is great to get some of the blowout yellow removal. Mainly a classic middle/middle aggro deck

Congratulations to Matthew for this strong and highly thematic pairing. It might be a bit reliant on rolls as there’s no focus to consistently get off Boushh‘s specials, but it’s just such a fun deck. We’ll be getting in touch very soon and have a large select of promos for you to choose from for your prize.

One more thing…
We couldn’t resist including one more deck as an Honourable Mention, for reasons explained below:

eWolffe/Fives/Cody/Fateful Companions aka The Wolffe Pack by Bastian Botta

Click the decklist to view this deck on swdestinydb

This deck centres around Commander Wolffe‘s powerful after-ability and Fateful Companions. It seeks to control the battlefield, then use Fateful to repeat Wolffe‘s ability, and therefore in one action: deal 6 indirect damage, activate all your characters, roll in 3 Clone Trooper dice (plus Cody‘s), and get 2 free re-rerolls on each of them!

It’s a great concept and very powerful if you can control the battlefield and keep Wolffe alive. Plus, it’s a powerful mono-red hero deck! How long has it been since that’s been a reality?

The reason we included this as an Honourable Mention instead of in our Top5 was because:
Bastian has already taken this deck to the top spot of the Dice Commandos standard event, and congratulations to him for that win. This deck also got a deck tech review by Andrew on Youtube after the event. We wanted to showcase never/rarely seen combinations/builds, and felt this deck couldn’t make our Top5 due to this previous exposure.
Secondly, echobase’s own echo3ofclubs has been working on and playing a version of this deck since Transformations landed. He suggested the idea of abusing Wolffe‘s ability with Fateful and a 3-wide mono-red lineup in our Clone Trooper review article. It felt like it might have been a bit self-serving to pick one of our own pet decks for the Top5.

That being said, we want to be 100% clear that we claim no ownership over this deck. Bastian‘s deck is a fantastic and original build, with some excellent card picks; plus it utilises Clone Commander Cody (instead of Hera).

This deck is also rotation-ready: it uses only 10 cards from non-trilogy sets (plus Cody and Bendu) most of which are readily replaceable. We therefore expect that this deck, or at least a variation of it, could be a force to be reckoned with in the early Faltering Allegiances meta, so long as Fateful and Fives don’t get restricted. If they did get restricted, but not Wolffe, Bastian suggested that Kazuda Xiono might make a decent switch for Fives along with his ship, the Fireball, though the loss of Fives would certainly hurt the deck’s consistency.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a deck and joined in with the fun. We loved looking over and discussing the decks, and really appreciate all the thought that people put in to them. Make sure you check out the Destiny Junior gaming stream this Friday to see these and many more decks in action.

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