Luke’s Apt Lesson – eLuke/K-2SO deck review

Today we’ve got a deck review of Luke Skywalker – Fulfilling His Destiny paired with K-2SO -Incognito, which won our own Faltering Allegiances launch tournament on the 24th of October. For the event we had 24 players, hailing from various countries: America, Poland, Belgium, Iceland, England, Scotland, Greece and the Czech Republic to name a few.

After the event I reached out to our winner George aka rockntroll to see if he wouldn’t mind putting together a few words on the deck and his deck choices. He kindly obliged, so here is a review of the deck, written by the deck’s pilot himself, rockntroll:

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My name is rockntroll and I was asked (and gladly accepted!) to write a few words about my deck for echobase. I have played Destiny since the very beginning, mainly with our local community here in Greece. After the news about the game’s death, I wanted to help SWD live on and I applied to join the design team for A Renewed Hope. My application was accepted and I was involved in FA’s design. Keep that in mind when reading, some of my opinions might be heavily biased.

I decided to test Luke Skywalker – Fulfilling His Destiny with single die K-2SO. Weird choice? Maybe. But after playing the lineup for the first time I just had to try it out for the tournament

The Character Line-up

During last week’s FA release event, other than having an AMAZING time playing Destiny, I noted a few things. First of all Taron Malicos paired with Darth Vader was the winning deck (Congrats Vika!), that would mean that I would need to be prepared to face it for the upcoming echobase tournament. Saw Gerrera was present in a lot of the decks in the top cut, making him another deck archetype I had to test against too. Droids with C-3PO & R2-D2 are still alive and kicking but I am so bored of them that I didn’t even bother testing the match-up.

Meta testing – Taron/Vader & Saw

The most important take away for me from the FA release tournament result was a Luke / Kashyyyk Warrior deck with Lightsaber Mastery that went 5-0 and dropped.

I love the plot Lightsaber Mastery. Actually, my last two lists from our final Nationals and Regionals were decks running Lightsaber Mastery (eJango/Battle Droid/Sentinel Messenger and ePalpatine/Lobot respectively). I did pretty well with both those decks. In both cases LS Mastery was used as a finisher with Fatal Blow. The idea was simple: get Jango or Palpatine equipped with a ton of upgrades and live long enough to play Fatal Blow.

Fatal Blow is a popular move event with Lightsaber Mastery.

With that said, it is obvious that I like decks that have a clear win condition and can live long enough to get it to work. After trying the Luke/Wookie deck I found that Admiral wasn’t as consistent as I wanted. It could sure survive long enough, but I think it lacked that final push to win the game.

Having tested eCal Kestis and eAnakin(Transformations) I found blue hero in a pretty good place, mostly because of one card: Apt Lesson. It might not look that great at first glance but it gives a surprising amount of burst damage to an archetype that traditionally lacks it. When paired with Draw Closer it is a great finisher. If used on a big die with a 3 melee side, it is even better!

Combo – Apt Lesson into Draw Closer.

Having a red partner alongside Luke I think is the way to go mainly because of Feat of Strength and Imposing Figure, two cards that are always online because of Luke and his 15 health.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-40.png
Feat of Strength – Above curve removal for 1 resource.

I decided to give up on LSM and go for K-2SO – Incognito instead of the Wookiee mainly because of his Power Action. It let’s you re-roll one of your dice and then re-roll an amount of dice equal to the value you just rolled. The first part is mainly to help Luke hit his damage sides, and help in the match-ups against Taron deck’s after Taron uses his PA to blank one or more of your dice. The second part could mess with opponent’s dice as well, which also hurts and deals damage to Saw Gerrera. K-2SO’s die is pretty good as well. His 2 and a 3 for 1 resource melee sides are no joke. K2 has a cheeky extra ability that lots of people tend to forget: when he dies you can end the action phase. That ability enables some unexpected Hyperspace Jump-like moments, especially with Honorable Sacrifice letting you kill him at will.

K-2SO has an overlooked passive ability

What about the game plan? Well it’s simple: keep Luke alive until you can execute your combo. While doing that try to take a few resources along the way and get some damage in as well. Getting Luke up to 3 upgrades is always nice since his PA becomes so much better. Using both Power Actions is a crucial part of your game plan. I almost always shielded up with Luke, except for the times when I could kill or threaten to kill a character. Apt Lesson is so important that I tended to hold it in hand until I could pull it off.

Let’s talk about the upgrades. Why not run another mastery card? Shien or Shii-Cho would be handy, especially with all those Vibroswords out there. The simple answer is because I wanted to have Draw Closer available at all times. That’s why I have included 2 Niman Training in the list as well. Niman Mastery is the one mastery Big Luke needs. It adds some consistency to his character dice that is much appreciated. BD-1 is just really strong for 1 resource. Cal’s Lightsaber is really, really good. Getting a second die every turn is great value, but sometimes you just resolve a big damage side when it rolls one and you call it a day. Anakin’s Lightsaber and Jedi Lightsaber are just solid in hero blue builds as we all know.

Jedi Support’s & upgrade removal.

Moving on to supports: I made some weird last minute additions. I originally included Unshackle to deal with Closing In, but there is a much better alternative: Prescient Leap. This card is insane for every deck that runs a good amount of blue dice. It allows you to get rid of Closing In immediately (Closing In has a cost of 0 printed on the card) and given enough time, Vibroswords! Since I only run 1 blue character, my other character was usually disposable so I opted to run 2 blue supports with dice. Both Yoda’s Spirit and Qui Gon’s Spirit are not cards that see play often. They are pretty good for my deck though. Yoda provides focus and shields (and occasionally 3 damage) while Qui-Gon can help burst down a character and keep me alive. They are both cheap blue dice that have sides I want to resolve, which really helps to add resources on to Prescient Leap.

Acute Awareness – good tech against Taron / Salt Flats / Niman

The events are pretty much self-explanatory. Nullify, Feat of Strength and Disciplined Mind are some of the best removals I had access to. Imposing Figure is the only resource generation in the deck. Getting resources from the small upgrades like Niman Training was good enough after all. Honorable Sacrifice was crucial in some games. Having K2 sacrificed instead of Luke is obviously great, and then ending the action phase at will is even better. Acute Awareness might look strange but since I expected to run into Taron a lot, getting my opponent to blank a Luke die just to turn it back to a 3 melee side is amazing. It’s also pretty useful against focus sides, especially since they are far rarer after rotation. Salt Flats is one of the few useful battlefields left, which is also countered by Acute Awareness.

Last and most likely least is the battlefield choice. I went with Deathwatch Hideout. I didn’t think about it too much. Just picked one that would be useful for my game plan. Having 3 resources in a start of a round enables the Apt Lesson + Draw Closer combo.

I want to finish this deck review by thanking my dear friends Makvag, Zilda and Dexter for helping me test the deck in the short time we actually had. I hope that having an iconic character do well in a tournament will inspire people to try him. This is definitely not a perfect deck by any means. It couldn’t be with a couple of days of testing obviously, but it is really interesting and most of all fun to play. I hope it’s fun for your opponent too but I can’t guarantee that! Feel free to ping me on Discord @rockntroll for any questions or suggestions. Stay safe and enjoy FA!

rockntroll from Trio Pooches

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