eJabba eVeers – echobase deck review

It’s been a while since we’ve covered any deck reviews. Sorry about that. 2021 has been busy.
But we’re hoping to change that, especially now that the meta is so varied.

Yesterday evening saw 18 players battle it out in our weekly echobase TTS event. The range of decks appearing on the night were pretty varied to say the least. In fact, no two character/plot lineups were exactly the same. The most popular character was General Veers who featured in three distinct lineups, including the eventual winner of the event, Leviticustard, who was running eVeers/eJabba.

I love this combination, as it has so many tools at its disposal. The ability to ramp means you can play hard hitting red villain supports, but with the added bonus of tech cards like Desperate Measures and Reap, and removal from the epic Headstrong. My favourite card for the deck is Survival Instinct: VeersPower Action means that this card is almost always online, plus it gets pulled with Jabba‘s ability.

Here’s the deck:

Click the image to view this deck on swdestinydb

We asked Leviticustard if he’d be willing to do a deck review, and he kindly agreed. Here he is:

The deck
So Jabba Veers seems good. Giving up your starting resources for an 8/9 health meatshield that occasionally gives you a resource back isn’t the best value but if anyone can offset that, it’s Jabba.

You can pretty consistently get back up to 4 resources round 1 and then start playing your bombs. I included the obvious ones (Megablasters, 501st Assault Team, Blizzard 1) but the main reason I was excited to play this was the Starviper.

With the rise of vehicles about with Dak Benthic seeming to be the hot new thing, 2 Desperate Measures in the deck just isn’t enough to make your opponent have a miserable day. Starviper‘s ability to blow up little vehicles seemed like it would come in useful.

There’s not too much else that’s surprising in the deck. Separatist Embargo was a last minute include that I’m glad was there to shut down Veteran of War in my final game. So how exactly did I take this to a 4-0 victory? Let’s get on to the round matchups.

Game 1 – Dexter
The details of my victory have been wildly exaggerated. Unfortunately Dexter had to drop at the last minute so I got a bye. Luckily Acejon was streaming the tournament at https://www.twitch.tv/acejon so at least I had something to watch.

Game 2 – Whoopsteroids, Han Dash
First actual game was a vehicles deck (or at least has some vehicles in it). Jabba pulled me a second Reap off his activation so I was able to double Reap round one and go up to 6 resources. That let me get Megas out with enough change to play the 501st in the second round. At the start of round 2 he played a Starviper which got insta-DM‘d and pretty much sealed the deal from there. I got my second Megas out and I don’t think the game went on much longer beyond that. I also ended the game with 12 counters on Kamino and had yet to lose a character, so going into Game 3 I felt invincible.

Game 3 – Rockntroll, The Most Valorous Tribe: Lumpy, Padme and a Jawa
A unique pairing I hadn’t seen and it had gone 2-0 so it must have some good tricks up its sleeve. Lumpy is always annoying to play around and involves more maths than I like to calculate when resolving damage.  I managed to get Blizzard 1 out round 2 and rolled it straight into a Headstrong [echo7:that card is so good]. I decided not to play Face the Enemy like an idiot even though this was the exact scenario I’d put the card in the deck for. I didn’t have to kick myself too long though, round 3 I used FtE and I was stalling as much as I could trying to tempt Lumpy to activate against my terrible damage dice which to no one’s surprise didn’t work. Eventually Padme got reset by Admiral and I rolled Blizzard 1 in. One of the dice got removed by guardian and then I rerolled the other with a Veers die into lethal on Padme. We called it a day there.

Game 4 – Acejon, Ackbar United
Jon and I live in the same town and he’s the one that originally got me into Destiny so it’s always fun when we get paired up in a tournament. As he was streaming you can watch the full game at https://www.twitch.tv/acejon (starting 2:27) if that’s the sort of thing you’re into. The game goes on for 7 rounds and eventually comes down to mill. I managed to kill Ackbar in the end but he already popped his 2 Kamino Cloning Facilities for Rebel Snipers also moving to the mill plan.
I was definitely too eager to discard my supports for rerolls throughout the game. There’re only so many of them in the deck and once they’re gone they’re gone so I think going forwards I’ll keep hold until I can play them. I was super unlucky when Jon used a Rebel Sniper to double discard into a hand of 5 and he hit my Blizzard 1 and 501st leaving me with 8 resources and nothing to spend it on.
I think calling Veteran of War with Embargo was a good call. The healing, pump and removal from the special are super annoying and I’d already dealt with that in my Padme matchup. I think most decks have at least one or two good targets for Embargo so I like keeping it in.
Blowing up 3 X-Wings definitely helped on the way to victory but I think I could have easily lost. Jon didn’t use United when I removed 2 of his X-Wing dice worth 3 each [echo7: it was nice to see in the stream that Leviticustard reminded Acejon of this trigger before the match started]. I think if he’d rolled them back in I would have been toast but I’m grateful he missed that trigger. I’m sure if I go back and watch the full game I’ll see lots of mistakes from my end too but I also got shafted by bad luck at a couple of points. I rolled Jabba and Veers out and all 4 character dice hit blanks. Someone in the twitch chat informed us the odds of that happening are over 1 in 1200 (1296 to be exact) so that was a nice thing to happen. In the end though it was a good game of Destiny which is all you can ask for.

Closing thoughts
The deck did well and for it’s debut voyage I’m obviously happy with how it performed. It has good health so it can outlast most things while it pays for supports but if Ackbar is still hanging around I’d be tempted to put Focus Fire in or maybe Pulverize for some burst damage.

If Pulverize goes in, he’ll need our promo version

501st is theoretically great but unless you get it early it’s not amazing value. I may swap one out for a Duchess which is a card I like but never sees much play. I can’t imagine the deck does well into mill and the pirate matchup would be interesting. You might get a few resources stolen but this is probably the best deck for making money since pre-nerf Snoke so it may not be too much of an issue.

As with most things Destiny it probably comes down to the rolls on the day. I’m glad we have this semi-casual tournament every week especially while we’re all trapped inside. Echobase have done a great job building this little community where you get to see all sorts of decks pop up and you can get sweet promos just for participating. It’s nearly as good as playing in person and has done a lot for my sanity in lockdown.

Stay safe out there and remember, when your opponent rolls nothing but blanks, always tell them the odds.

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