Destiny Smash! Phase 2 Spoiler

Today on echobase we have an article on the pick-up and play limited format Destiny SMASH! designed by Dice Commando. Destiny SMASH! was brought to public attention at the beginning of November with the phase 1 rollout and ever since the format has been accepted by casual and experienced players as an alternative and fun way to enjoy Star Wars Destiny.

So let’s take a look at how this ever popular new format SMASH! works. In case you’re not up to speed with this limited format, SMASH! is a format in which characters have a dedicated pre-made set of 15 cards and a battlefield. For example;

Rey & Jango deck lists.

In our example above, you can see the card deck list for Rey – Finding the Ways and Jango Fett – Armed to the Teeth. Each pre-constructed 15 card deck list will feature an array of upgrades, supports and events which are thematic to the character, and which together create a balanced deck. Behind the scenes at Dice Commando a lot of discussion and thought goes into each card choice for each list. Lists are also extensively tested and adjusted as per feedback from the Dice Commando Team.

Before starting: gather all the chosen SMASH! character cards, shuffle, and draw 2 characters at random. Simply find the dedicated 15 cards for your chosen characters, Smash both decks together (not literally – cards are worth money, people) and voilà: you have 2 characters, and a 30 card deck.

You will of course have 2 battlefields. You will need to choose one before proceeding to mulligan and the starting roll off. The next stage, is to simply roll dice, play cards and enjoy.

Phase 1 of Destiny SMASH! included 18 characters ranging from Awakenings to Covert Missions. One of the appeals of Destiny SMASH! to myself and a lot of the Destiny player base, is the idea of cards from previous blocks no longer just sat in binders unplayed. With SMASH! those cards that have been and gone due to standard rotation now have a lease of life outside of Infinite play.

It’s also worth noting that if you don’t have all of the cards to fill out these 15 card decks, you can of course replace cards for a similar upgrade or event that you do own in your collection. There is no be all and end all, this format really is for everybody.

To download the character cards please follow the following link:

Moving forward: The Dice Commando Team are releasing phase 2 of SMASH! this Friday and we have an exclusive spoiler to tease your appetite on what to expect coming up in phase 2. Without further ado, we have Padmé Amidale – Resolute Senator!

Destiny SMASH! Phase 2 – Padme Amidala.

Padmé is a character in standard format who has yet to find her ideal partner. I think the time will come for Padmé as her die sides are incredible. Looking at Padmé in the SMASH! format I think she may be quite formidable. A lot of clever includes here: Cover Team for increasing her indirect damage output, Honor Guard & Aggressive Negotiations for theme, and Target Intel to turn the indirect into ranged to focus (Get it?) down a character.

For me, the fact that Padmé has All In is grossly terrifying. Until rotation, All In was one of my go-to cards in pretty much all decks I made. Fortunately it rotated at the time Padmé became standard legal so the event and Padmé never got to have an interaction; probably for the best! Now, in SMASH! you get to pull off the play of the century just once, as there’s only one copy of All In in the deck. This will be fun. Did you notice she get’s a Handheld L-S1 Cannon? One of the best 2 drop upgrades in the game. Wait – is that a Senate Chamber? Yeah, you’ll want to draw Padmé when you’re playing SMASH!

Destiny SMASH! Phase 2 releases this Friday. Be sure to check out the Dice Commando Youtube channel to get your hands on those Phase 2 character lists.

Just Roll 3’s & Go Commando!

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