Announcing: The Battle of Hoth

Today on echobase I am here to tell you all of our upcoming A Renewed Hope Standard – Star Wars Destiny Tournament: The Battle of Hoth. The tournament will commence on Saturday the 24th of April at 2pm UK Time (9am Eastern Time). Entrance fee is £10.00 with all proceeds going to CLIC Sargent.

CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading Cancer charity for children, young people and their families. CLIC Sargent supports people from diagnosis onwards and aims to help the whole family deal with the impact of cancer and its treatment, life after treatment and, in some cases, bereavement.

To donate to CLIC Sargent, please follow the below link to contribute to this great cause:


Start Time:
14:00 BST (UK time)


A RENEWED HOPE STANDARD (Following current ARH holocron and ARH rules reference guide)

Table Top Simulator

The event will be coordinated via our discord, which you can join here:

Click the image to join our discord


Click the image to sign up for the event

Provided by Aegis Creative, A Renewed Hope and echobase

First Prize: Free entry to A Renewed Hope Destiny Worlds 2022.

Top 8: Exclusive echobase Battle of Hoth Alt Art Spot glosses Han Solo – Cool and Confident & Chewbacca – Commanding Force.

Top 8 Prize Support

9th – 24th: Exclusive echobase Battle of Hoth Alt Art promo cards Han Solo – Cool and Confident & Chewbacca – Commanding Force.

9th – 24th Prize Support

All participants will also receive 10 echobase OP points to be redeemed for any of our OP1 or OP2 promos (though stocks are limited inOP1). These promos have been developed in partnership with Twin Suns Gaming, and are worth 4 points each.

Also expect there to be more prizes on offer via the now infamous wheel of names.

echobase organised play set 1

echobase organised play set 2

The first 5 cards from our second OP kit to be spoiled. More coming soon.

This event is part of a new series of events, more details for which will be forthcoming from ARH next week. However, due to this event coming up in just 1 month’s time, we are announcing this one a little early. We plan to run the Battle of Hoth annually, and can’t wait to play in person next year. But for now, this event will be held over TTS.

One final thing to add: the Han and Chewie promos, the echobase promos and the World’s seat are being donated to this event by Aegis, ourselves and ARH completely free. And we’ll pay for postage to send these out to you. This way, every single penny we receive will be going to charity.

To enter, just click the banner below.



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The Battle of Hoth

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  1. Daniel Vezina says:

    sucks for the people who works 1 weekend out of 2. can’t ever played in any tournament.


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