SMASH! phase 3 Spoiler

Today on echobase we have an exclusive spoiler for the upcoming phase 3 of Dice Commando’s ever popular SMASH! format.

Without further a do, here’s the smooth talking Lando Calrissian!

Across the Galaxy’s Lando Calrissian turned a few heads 3 years ago when he was initially spoiled due to that big 4 resource side. If you’ve played Lando before you know he can make the good money. Lando’s SMASH! iteration doesn’t come with many cheap event’s or upgrades; his custom deck is very much built around the expectancy of having access to a heap of cash.

Lando’s deck packs quite the mitigation suit – Double-cross, In the Cross Hairs, Reversal, Entangle and Negotiate. With the exception of Negotiate, each mitigation card is either a 2 or 3 cost event, which is not usually where your money is best spent in a game of SMASH! However, there are quite a few tricks to assist in helping pay for these big events.

Apologies for the photo of Hidden Agenda. It looks like it was scanned in using a potato.

Streetwise and Hidden Agenda come in to assist with dropping those big events and Reap doesn’t need any introduction. Let’s not forget that he brings to the table Outer Rim Outpost as his battlefield – which will be a very popular choice as it’s one of the best battlefields to grace our beloved game of Destiny.

We’ve got big events, we’ve got assistance with ramp – So what dice cards does Lando bring to the table? Well, it wouldn’t be thematic if he wasn’t teamed up with his trusty X-8 or Millenium Falcon!

The X-8 Night Sniper is still one of the best 2 drop guns to ever hit the table in a game of Destiny. The Legacies iteration is also arguably the best iteration of the Falcon too; the ATG Falcon would just be too hard to get out onto the table in a game of SMASH! I’ll be honest – I had to look up Roguish Charm, I hadn’t got a clue what that did from memory – It fit’s the theme, making money and removing dice.

Hats off to the design team over at DC for getting phase 3 looking strong!

EchoFives: Kudos to Dice Commando for giving us Lando as the spoiler too. Although I am EchoFives here on the website, on TTS and Discord you’ll find me under the moniker of LandoWonka. Lando is my favourite character in Star Wars and Destiny is no exception. The SMASH Lando feels just right doing everything BIG. BIG Events to play from resolving that BIG 4 resource side. Great job.

Dice Commando’s phase 3 of SMASH! Releases this Friday!

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