Echobase exclusive spoilers

That’s right folks, with 6 days to go, we have more exclusive spoilers for you. Let’s not waste anytime and get straight into it:

Ataru Training

Header image for this article by Solis.

Our first spoiler today comes in the shape of the training for the set’s new Form. Who had money on Ataru Mastery for Unlikely Heroes? Given that the training comes in at 2 cost, it is probably safe to assume that the mastery will have a printed cost of 3.

The die doesn’t exactly set the world on fire for value for a 2 cost upgrade (Niman Mastery warps all 2 drops when comparing value) unless you are resolving the special. The special gives an equivalent, at its bare minimum of a 2 health swing, with the added standard form training text of overwriting for the mastery. The value here exceeds a standard 2 cost upgrade if your character has 2 shields already, as you gain 1 shield and deal 2 damage to an opponent.

It looks to me that a character like Yoda (Spark of Hope) or the Ataru Master himself – Qui Gon Jinn, could be having quite a bit of fun with a card like this that plays off of a character’s shields. Let’s wait and see the mastery when the set drops in only 6 days!

LandoWonka Perfect special for Ataru Training. I think the interesting thing about this is that Villain can play a semi shield deck. Everyone will be able to use Gozanti Cruiser. Protection and damage at the same. I’m not sure how good it will be in villain. Definitely more potent in Hero with some of the characters we have.

Path to Mastery

This plot is very solid indeed for just 2 points. It’s worth a free resource to the right deck, plus you get to play a card from the set-aside zone before the game even begins. The downside is you have to play a Training card, which typically have been a little sub-par (except maybe Soresu Training, which is rotating). In addition to Ataru Training above, these are the options available:

Of the 5 available, I think I’m most drawn to Shien Training. It’s got 3 sides worth 2 direct damage, a resource, and it pulls the best Mastery in the game. You can play this with Path to Mastery thanks to the resource discount, though then you start the game on 0 resources. Honestly, I’m willing to start the game on 0 resources if it means that I’m starting the game with a solid upgrade already down on one of my characters.

Additionally, if I’m playing against an aggressive deck and have some mitigation I want to play, I can swap out the 2-cost Shien for a free Niman at the start of the game. Then I still get something I can overwrite so it’s still like starting on 3 resources, or I can use the special to play Niman Mastery, and I start the game on my full 2 resources. I believe that you can choose the training ad hoc, even throughout an event, picking the right training for each matchup, as the training is coming from your set-aside zone, rather than being “brought to the game” like the events are for Lightsaber Mastery.

My favourite albeit probably silliest plan for this plot is eBane/Jawa Junk Dealer/Path to Mastery. This lineup means that Bane starts the game with Shien Training already down and I start the game on 2 resources thanks to his ability. This way I’ve already guaranteed getting some value out of his special, and I’m set up to overwrite with Death Field as my first action if I want to. The Jawa is also a decent partner for Bane anyway thanks to free mitigation from Fury and Harmless Trick, ramp from Merchant Freighter, plus Mandalorian Executioner Vibro-Ax which is just good value for 1 resource.

Outside Bane, if you have the 2 squad points to run this in your deck, you could simply use this to play a Niman Training with the plot, then subsequently overwrite the Niman Training with a 3 cost upgrade. If your playing the new version of Asajj Ventress, play the training on Asajj, your opening action of the game could be overwriting the training with her new Lightsaber, paying the extra resource for the elite upgrade. What would have cost you 3 resources has now hit your board state for the cost of just 2 resources and 2 squad points. I’ll take that.

This is a solid plot that should slot in to quite a few builds in this upcoming UH meta.

LandoWonka – This card is amazing. I particularly like it with Grogu in Hero as you can put the Mastery into the discard early ready for the training special to hit. Although, the Shien Training is tempting, I like a two cost with this. Grogu ability the Mastery into the discard leaving a resource to Harness the Force and get the mastery back into play (if I can get Ki-Adi Mundi in this deck too I’ll get a shield too). From a villain side I like this with my favourite Inquisitor Tenth Brother. He immediately gets a special to copy with his own dice. Shien Training would in this case be a solid option.

Palace of the Jedi

Finally – a new battlefield with a die. Breath it in and take a moment to let that fact sink in. With this set, not only are we getting coloured battlefields, we also get a battlefield with a die!

The only battlefield within Destiny to come to our beloved game with a die was Way of the Force’s Bendu’s Lair. Palace of the Jedi enters the game with a very good die, and the special mimics another WotF classic: Steadfast. This battlefield becomes an instant include as the battlefield of choice if you are running a fast blue deck. I’m anticipating the special to do a lot of work, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few games go to the wire, with the special on the battlefield being the die resolution to end the game. Outside of the special, you’ll still be totally happy to resolve any side.

Interestingly, I think villain blue decks favour this over the heroes, solely for the fact that there is no means to heal outside of a Force Valour special within villain blue (I forgot Rise Again is on the RL 2.0). A few resolutions of this die by an opponent and this gets straight under blue hero’s identity: Shields. To include this within a hero blue deck, you’ll be wanting to perhaps add just a tad more speed to your builds to make sure you have control of this die; that said, all the known action cheats are rotating with Convergence. Perhaps we’re unlikely to see fast decks within the UH meta and just perhaps we’re in for a longer game of Destiny, like the good old days.

I love this card. It’s a battlefield where every side of that die has a lot of value. The shields and the special sides represent a 2 health swing, and the focus and resource aren’t bad too.

As it’s such a strong die, you’re going to have to play fast to make it worth the include. If you’re special chaining you can let this battlefield cost you 1 action, but most decks are looking at spending two actions on rolling and resolving, meaning you’re going to have to be very fast to keep control.

Finally, I really like the fact that it’s reused the Inner Strength die from the Two Player Game, has a special with a similar albeit more powerful mechanic, and uses art from the same location. The Ahsoka art is after the Jedi statues have been torn down, when the temple has become the Imperial Palace, but the art on this card restores it to its former glory, placing us chronologically in the Clone Wars. This is another great example of Unlikely Heroes taking inspiration from previous FFG cards, and using it to tell a story, in this case of the strength that once flowed from the Order, but which in later times resided in those, like Ahsoka, who survived the purge.

Great new battlefield and I’m again drawn to Tenth Brother to copy the special.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to playing a few games with everyone at the Unlikely Heroes Release event on November 20th!

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