echobase Christmas Charity Destiny Extravaganza 2

When – 11th December 2021 – 3pm UK Time

Where – Tabletop Simulator and the echobase Discord, join the Discord server here.

Why – Because it is going to be a whole lot of fun and all the proceeds will go to Cancer Research. For the last two years the UK has missed out on a super special event called Gaming vs Cancer and this is our event to replace the Destiny Event that always featured there.
You can also win some of this stuff and everybody will get something.

Prizes Include:

For the First 12 Players to Sign Up
A pair of FFG Way of the Light Alt Art Cards (Currently back to Standard play on the Reprint List)

Sorry the picture isn’t up to usual standards.

1 Construct the Death Star Playmat
1 Charitable Forces Playmat from Aegis

4 sets of 2 FFG Power Action Tokens
2 sets of 5 FFG Black/Red 3 Value Damage Tokens
2 sets of 3 0-0-0 Shields
ARH Spot Glosses
echobase OP Cards

Other Surprises
The more players we get the more prizes will be added

If you’d like to donate any prizes, just drop us a message on Discord or Facebook

How – Entry is £7.50 to be paid to my PayPal here.

You then need to sign into and join the event. The site will be used on the day for pairings and result submission like any other tournament. Join the event here:

You will also need to upload your decklist to the site as well. This can be either an image of your list or you can simply write it in.

Event – The format will be A Renewed Hope – Standard. We will look to play 6 rounds and cut to a top 4 which will be best of 3 games. Or a Top 8 if we have 32 players or more.

I hope you can all join us for some top level Destiny play for this fantastic charity.

If you like what we do, please consider becoming a Patreon supporter:

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