K-one-zero Open – In Person UK Event

We are getting ever closer to our first in person Star Wars Destiny event. Today, I hope to bring you more details to get you even more excited and for those of you that are on the fence about attending, to entice you to get your tickets bought and join us. Maybe you had simply forgotten about it and this article will just be a simple reminder, well if that’s the case then you need to go to eventbrite here to buy your ticket and I’ll see you there.

Here are the full details should you need them.

Date and Time: Sunday 13th March 22, Store opens at 10am, Registration from 10.30am. First round to start at 11am.

Where: The Dice Cup, 68-70 Mansfield Road, Nottingham. NG1 3GY. This is a fabulous game cafe and the only rule they have is that there is no external food and drink brought into the venue as this is part of their trade. They are a Vegan cafe and have a good range of foodstuffs to please most. There cakes are also amazing.

Entry Fee: £6, this covers the venue costs and the prize support for the event. There will not be a pay on the door option as I need to let the venue know numbers beforehand.

Format: A Renewed Hope Standard, Swiss Format 35 minute rounds (4-5 rounds depending on players) cutting to a top 4. Potential for a mini side tournament while the top cut is playing. Probably a Destiny SMASH knockout. I will also have the new destiny 2 Player Set for people to try out with me.

Holocron in force and Rules Reference Guide: The ARH Deckbuilding Database already has the balance changes in so if you head to there you shouldn’t have an illegal deck if you build it on there. Home page is here.

The Golden Chewie

The Prizes.

Besides all the glory and bragging rights any player could want the prizes will be as follows:

1st Place: The Golden Chewie, An FFG Star Wars Destiny Death Star Playmat, ARH as yet unspoiled regional kit spot glosses, set of Laser Gaming Detect Tokens, Parker Simpson Artwork alt art Character, Echobase alt art OP Cards.

2nd Place: ARH as yet unspoiled regional kit spot glosses, set of Laser Gaming Detect Tokens, Parker Simpson Alt Art Character, Echobase Alt Art OP Cards.

3rd and 4th: ARH as yet unspoiled regional kit foils, Set of Laser Gaming Detect Tokens, Parker Simpson Alt Art Character, Echobase Alt Art OP Cards.

5th and 6th: ARH as yet unspoiled regional kit foils, Parker Simpson Alt Art Character, Echobase Alt Art OP Cards.

7th to 20th: ARH as yet unspoiled regional kit alt art cards, Parker Simpson Alt Art Character, Echobase Alt Art OP Cards.

I will also have other prizes to give out which will be random or spot prizes. The more players we get the more I can add.

A Renewed Hope Format

Now, I’ve already had plenty of questions regarding the format we’ll be using which is the ARH Standard format and proxys of dice and cards. Now there are three ways you can approach the format question.

1. You can still use FFG Only cards although the card pool is significantly lower with the Spark of Hope, Covert Missions and Transformations (Print and Play) set being the only remaining legal sets. There is a reprint list available of a further 100 cards called the Echoes of Destiny which is also legal for this event. I gave this and ended up with a old fan favourite of Kylo Ren and Rey BFFs. Here it is

ARH Legal – FFG Only Cards

2. You could, print out the new cards and stick them in a sleeve with a card behind them and avoid any new ARH dice. There are a number of characters and weapons that use parallel dice just like the Transformations set does. I obviously had to see what I could come up with and I ended up with this

ARH Legal using Parallel Dice Only

3. Go all in with new dice and new cards using the full pool of all ARH Legal cards. Now this poses a bit more of a problem regarding the new dice. The ultimate option here is to get sticker sheets and sticker over old dice. By far the best option that I’ve been using getting the sticker sheets from Laser Gaming. They truly are great quality and if you are looking to get back into it then I would recommend this option. Laser Gaming have also provided me with a code for a discount of 25% of their sticker sheet sets and ARH card singles that will expire on Saturday 5th March which allows time for getting the product out to you in time for the event. This is set up and ready to go so there is no need to delay getting your tickets once February PayDay arrives. If you have bought an event ticket and wish to take advantage of this awesome deal. Feel free to email me at monolockett@icloud.com, DM me on Facebook, Send a message to Echobase on Facebook, DM me on Discord (LandoWonka in the Echobase or A Renewed Hope Discord).
I’m also happy to provide as many people as I can with dice from my own collection but will need to know what to bring beforehand as those little dice in a mass can get fairly weighty so contact me in the same way as above and I’ll see what I can do. Then you could have a deck like the one below.

ARH – Full On – Let’s Roll

Now it would be remiss of me to just throw these decklists into the wild for you to bring along without playing them myself first, so I pledge to play these three decks in the echobase Thursday weekly events with the first one being tomorrow. You can see how I get on by watching the streams on Twitch. Starts around 7.30pm.

Okay, I can’t think of anything more that you need to know. Get your tickets here. You may wonder why it’s called the K-one-zero Open. K-one-zero was the evacuation order to evacuate Hoth once the rebels had been discovered. It felt appropriate as we can all now evacuate our homes to fight again across a gaming table.

I just hope to see as many of you as possible joining us and bringing Destiny events back to the UK.

“I’ll see you again. I promise.” – The Mandalorian


Special Thanks to Parker Simpson Artwork, ARH and Laser Gaming for their support.

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