One of These is Just Like the Other

Roger, Roger. A little while ago in the K-one-zero Open Event article, I discussed a way to play in person using just a printer and old FFG dice that mirror new cards created by A Renewed Hope (ARH). However, it’s hard to know which cards have a parallel dice. Well, echo7 doing what he does best has poured through the data and found all those that match with their dice colour and sides.

I’ve also think I have found a good way to build decks with these in the ARH database. Simply add all the ARH cards to your collection that are either just a card or a card with a parallel die that you own. Then build your deck and check the box that says use only owned cards, see below screenshot. then you don’t have the choice of any card where you don’t have a parallel dice.

Check the Show only owned cards.

Well there is a lot more cards with parallel dice than I thought there were so let’s go through set by set.

Faltering Allegiances
1. Our Fallen Order Jedi, Cal Kestis tops the list here sharing the same die as Palpatine’s Lightsaber.
2. Hopefully, you don’t want Jaro Tapal’s Lightsaber in the deck which also shares the Palpatine Saber die sides. This could get a little confusing with three of the same dice potentially in the pool. You’ll need to know which is which. Assuming you have three Palpatine Sabers to use for this.
3. We can’t let the heroes have all the dice sharing fun though so if you’d like to be playing Taron’s Lightsaber, you can use Anakin Skywalker’s Lightsaber in it’s stead
4. Finally, the last one from the set is the Pirate Slugthrower which is the same die as the good old trusty Holdout Blaster.

1. Darth Vader returns either as a character for points as normal or the flip side of the plot, Watch your Career with Great Interest. You’ll have to go all the way back to Spirit of Rebellion for the parallel Darth Vader dice as shown below.
2. A second villain blue character with a parallel dice is Maul who re-uses the Legacies Maul dice which is handy for having the correct image much like Vader above. However, this one needs to come with a warning as this Maul can flip into Maul – Conquerer of Mandalore which doesn’t have a parallel dice.
3. Following his brother in the Redemption set is Savage Oppress using his own die but this time from Across the Galaxy. This one also has the same warning sticker as Maul. He can also be flipped and the flip side isn’t a parallel dice.
4. The Nightsister Assasins support uses the same dice as Empire at War‘s Ahsoka Tano
5. Burryaga Agaburry the only blue Wookie in the game gets even more use out of the Palpatine Lightsaber dice from Convergence
6. Luminara Unduli‘s first incarnation never really saw play but the Redemption Luminara is much more playable and to use her you can simply substitute in Shien Training dice from Covert Missions.
7. One of my favourite Redemption cards has been Force Heal and for this you can use the Force Jump dice from Way of the Force.
8. A very popular card seen in many Hero decks is Rogue 2 that brings back to life the Fenn Rau dice from Allies of Necessity.
9. The Redemption Security Baton feels directly inspired from and old favourite from Spirit of Rebellion, namely the Z6 Riot Control Baton.
10. Last and definitely not least as this character has featured in many competitive decks since his release is everyone’s favourite pirate Hondo Ohnaka which uses his Legacies dice from his first iteration.

High Stakes
1. First up is the Grand Inquisitor which reuses the Grand Inquistor die from Empire at War.
2. Second we have the villain blue ability Force Crush which utilises the dice Force Choke from Awakenings.
3. The only other villain that uses a parallel dice in High Stakes is the Gamorrean Fighter recycling the Empire at War Gamorrean Guard dice.
4. Our Heroes of Star Wars get a brand new Ahsoka Tano also using her old dice from Empire at War.
5. You can’t have Ahsoka without Ahsoka’s trademark sabers and that is what we got with Ahsoka Tano’s Lightsaber, yet again using the Palpatine Lightsaber dice. You might need two copies as Ahsoka can carry a pair of these into battle.
6. Possibly one of the best and most used weapons created by A Renewed Hope is the Westar Blaster Pistol, which does a damage on activation if you have the Battlefield and also comes with Redeploy all for 2 resources. It uses the same dice as Rex’s Blaster Pistol from Way of the Force.
7. The Vibroblade uses the dice of a pretty controversial weapon from FFG, the Vibroknife from Spirit of Rebellion.
8. One of my favourite weapons was always the Darksaber and High Stakes saw this weapon come back using the same dice it had when first released in the Way of the Force set.
9. Finally, a less used card from High Stakes is Proton Grenades that uses the Legacies dice for Fragmentation Grenades.

Unlikely Heroes
We move on to the latest set from ARH and this takes the parallel dice concept to the next level sporting no less than 20 total parallel dice. A great set to dip your toes into playing ARH. You can print the cards and experiment a little first before ordering some stickers and maybe dice to get all the options available.
1. A very playable and popular character in this set is Count Dooku that can do a lot of damage with his dice but you can grab your Way of the Force Count Dooku dice to make him even more potent.
2. Or maybe you prefer his apprentice Asajj Ventress although in Unlikely Heroes, it’s very much the Witch Asajj from The Clone Wars and she also uses her own dice from Spirit of Rebellion.
3. Water of Life is the last blue villain card with a parallel die from the set and it utilises the Dark Counsel dice from the 2 Player Starter Set.
4. One of my favourite characters to play from FFG was Iden Versio and Unlikely Heroes give us a new Iden Versio that is just as good and handily uses the same die as the Across the Galaxy Iden.
5. Cad Bane had a new iteration in High Stakes and Unlikely Heroes gives him his weapon Cad’s LL-30 which is a straight copy of the old LL-30 Blaster Pistol from Empire at War. The thing to note here is that Cad’s LL-30 can be made elite so you are likely to need two of these dice.
6. Our last parallel villain dice from Unlikely Heroes is the appropriately named Modified Relby which is a tad different to the Empire at War Relby but it is of course using the same die.
7. Leading the way for the Heroes as always is Rex using the same die as his Way of the Force counterpart.
8. And standing by his side is Cody who gets an upgrade from his old dice and gets the more powerful ARC-170 Starfighter dice from Way of the Force.
9. Let’s hope these clone commanders can protect the Republic Senator who has managed to slot into a large number of decks and is a great support character. To use him with a parallel dice you’ll have to look back to Spirit of Rebellion to find your Mon Mothma Dice.
10. Speaking of senator’s, we see a brand new Padme after her second iteration rotated out with Convergence. The Unlikely Heroes Padme Amidala is a yellow version and takes her back to her mill roots. It also re-uses the Awakenings dice from her first entrance in the game. She also allows you through the course of the game to play a Diplomatic Immunity dice so don’t forget to find this card too.
11. A very strong and popular character is Bo-Katan Kryze who also uses her own yellow dice from her Way of the Force incarnation.
12. Another Yellow hero brought to us after rotating out of standard play is Zeb Orrelius. He is brought back to us with the die of Zeb Orrelius’s Bo Rifle from Legacies.
13. Our first blue Hero is none other than Mace Windu. His Empire of War dice is re-used and made very potent with all the damage being unblockable and a double hit Power Action if he can defeat a character.
14. Unlikely Heroes gave us a new pilot Plo Koon and while he himself isn’t a parallel die. His starfighter is, using the Way of the Force Plo’s Starfighter.
15. Another vehicle blessed with a parallel dice is the XS Freighter re-hashing the Way of the Force XS Stock Light Freighter.
16. What does every good Star Wars freighter need? Yep, A Smuggling Compartment. You can use the Spirit of Rebellion Smuggling Freighter for this one.
17. Another card that can be made elite is the new BB-8 which is an immensely popular card for hero decks. Being grey it can fit into any hero deck. It re-uses the Awakenings BB-8 dice which most people ended up with tons of back at the start of Star Wars Destiny.
18. Rotation saw the exit of one of my most used characters in the OG Yoda, Yoda’s Teachings kind of brings him back in an upgrade. The dice to use for this is Legacies’s Force Meditation.
19. There has only been one Battlefield before in Destiny but the Palace of the Jedi doubles this to 2 using the dice for Inner Strength from the Two Player Set.
20. And finally, a card that I haven’t seen used much is the Partisan Recruit that re-cycles the Jedha Partisan die from Legacies.

Hopefully, you find this article useful in giving some of the A Renewed Hope cards a try without having to invest in stickers and dice straight away. I think it is worth adding a page that simply lists these to our resource pages so we will get that done for you soon.

Using parallel dice is a great way to ease yourself back in to playing games in person again if you haven’t been already. I also find it immensely useful to start playing new sets that come out before I have received my cards and stickers.

Hope to see you for some in person play soon. Possibly this weekend at the K-one-zero Open in Nottingham if you can make it. Check out the article for full details of that event.

“Somehow Palpatine Returned”


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