Top Picks from Seeking Answers

Seeking Answers has been with us for a while now, and I thought I’d share some of my favourite cards from the set so far. These aren’t necessarily ones which are the most powerful, but just ones I like.

  1. Garsa Fwip

Wow, what a character. Spotlighting the new charm mechanic, this is the only character (so far) with a charm ability that only requires 1 charm token, making it much easier to trigger. For 9 points you get 10 health, excellent support sides, and a practically guaranteed “once per round” focus of any character die. I say practically guaranteed, because charm mirror matches do mess with the maths a little bit here. Either way, this is a solid character cropping up again and again in decks.

  1. Underworld

This plot is a worthy addition to the remove your dice to do stuff Yellow villain heme which was started in Unlikely Heroes, providing a consistent trigger for Black Stall Station decks. Not only that, but if you have the spare dice, it essentially means you’re playing with 3 resources per round, so long as your deck is mostly Yellow cards. That’s a pretty good deal for 2 points.

I’ve had fun trying this out with IG-11/Owen, to bring hero and villain into the Yellow mix, but it’s a solid include for any Yellow deck that finds itself hanging 2 points.

Continuing with Yellow, my next top pick is:

  1. Tusken Camp.

This card was so good it needed an errata, forcing you to remove both Tusken dice if you wanted the resource. We reviewed it at the end of April, and our review still stands despite the sensible errata. I feel like this card, combined with Bad Batch and Jedi Temple Guards, makes rainbow hero supports a truly viable proposition in the new meta, even if this trilogy is not quite as scary as the Vader’s Fist/Megablaster Troopers/Entourage trio that dominated the Convergence meta.

I was honestly very surprised this did not make RebelTraitor‘s hero supports decklist, which he took to the top spot of the release event.

  1. Anticipation

Ironically sporting a 14 point character in the art, this event gives big/little decks the consistency they want with their character dice, especially in a world with multiple double dice mitigation. Not only that, but in many matchups you may get to play this card for free, for example against mill, Tarkin, Kallus, or a whole host of events. Combine this with Contentious Opportunity and big blue decks have have a fair upside after the loss of United to the ban list.

  1. Force Assistance

A strange looking card on the face of it, this upgrade gives blue decks some additional consistency, or soft mitigation, twice per round. If you’re running characters with melee, shield, resource and special sides, you get to flip to one of those sides 2 times in 3, twice per round. Or if you hit a blank, just blank an opponent’s die. Playing a specials deck? This gives you an almost 1 in 3 per round of hitting an extra special. Plus the sides themselves give you an extra base side, which can come in handy.

My favourite play with this card is on Mother Talzin (the Legacies reprint, not the new one). Drop this on her, then when you activate her, if this rolls something you don’t want, you can flip this card to whichever side you want with Talzin, then use Force Assistance to flip another die to a matching symbol. This guarantees you some soft mitigation if you need it, or could be used to give you 2 base sides (instead of one) for a crucial symbol, making it much harder for the opponent to leave modifiers stranded. This card is also a nice include for Watch Your Career decks, ticking the plot up twice per round thanks to this card alone, or can be included in a deck with Prescient Leap to make it much easier to load up that support.

A truly versatile card that offers just a little extra edge in games.

Next up, a fun little vehicle:

  1. 125-Z Treadspeeder Bike

When you’ve got a trooper die in your pool, this vehicle’s sides read 2R, 2R, +3R, 2Dr, 2Sh, -, which is pretty scary for a 2-drop. And it’s a vehicle which retains tempo in the absence of piloting. I’ve had fun building and playing a eImperial Death Trooper/eBossk/Armored Reinforcement deck using this card: pull it for 1 resource, and you get to roll in all 4 character dice and this die in one action. Drop a Co-Pilot on your IDT and you can roll in even more. Sure, there’s not much action cheating in Destiny any more aside from maybe Tactical Delay, but it’s still a lot of dice that can put the opponent on the back foot early each round.

Funky builds aside, I think this is a solid include in a trooper deck, as it has the tempo of a weapon, the longevity of a support, and strong sides for the cost.

Talking of troopers:

  1. Finn

The only red character, and one of only two red cards (along with his gun) that have the new reroll symbol, Finn is one of my favourite support characters in the game right now. 10 health for 9/12 looks like Legacies Aayla, but he’s essentially got 4 damage sides thanks to his passive ability, an ability that is only going to get stronger as reroll sides appear more in the future. He also has the very handy trooper subtype, meaning you can pair him with Bo-Katan and The Mission That Never Ends for some solid trooper action (thanks for the inspiration there Spike Seyfried).

  1. Krayt Dragon Bones

I do like a bit of whimsy, and this support has that in spades. This has the potential to be extremely random, and can bite you if you you’re the only one with dice in the pool, but assuming your opponent has at least one die in the pool, this is likely to be providing some decent value every round. Obviously much better in decks that are looking at the opponent’s hand consistently, and especially good with Kallus, this is nevertheless a card that provides some value and a bit of extra random fun to a game of Destiny.

  1. Luke’s Offer

A wonderfully thematic card: either get a weapon, or armour up. Let’s face it, 9 times out of 10 you’re playing this for a cheap weapon, but having the versatility in your back pocket late game could save a character from defeat, especially if you’re running Blue/Yellow. The fact this plays weapons from the discard pile also means it essentially doesn’t cost you a card from hand, and it’s not limited to a Blue weapon, so this becomes an auto-include in any hero weapon-based deck running blue. A great card to give Blue hero the help it needs right now.

That’s all for now. Hope you’re all enjoying playing Seeking Answers, and, like me, can’t wait for the next set.

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