Top Picks from Seeking Answers Part II

Welcome back Destiny Folks, We thought it would be fun to each do our own list of cards we like the most from the latest ARH set Seeking Answers. I hope you are enjoying this set as much as we are. There are so many great card designs in this set. I’ve deliberately not read echo7’s article from a short while ago to see the differences and crossovers we might have at the end. Let’s get to it.

I’ve done my best picks alphabetically, so first up is Architect of War. Granted you need a Leader to play this and it doesn’t have re-deploy for a three cost but it’s such a versatile card. As you can see it features no blanks which is always nice so you feel like you are getting a Mastery Level type card. There isn’t a bad dice side here – you could argue the resource side is the worst side. It dodges all the removal that specifically targets damage sides as its damage is wrapped up in a neat special instead. I love the fact that this card helps you to build a deck that can go down the mill or damage route depending on your opponent’s deck. I’ve always liked a deck that can do this.

Desecration is the next of my choices. I’m not seeing it used in play much, possibly due to blue villain not currently being at the top of the meta but it is a perfect blue villain card. We get damage out of hand which is synonymous with blue villain and fits that faction beautifully. Similarly we get soft removal as we turn a die to a blank which also goes side by side with what blue villain generally tries to do. Great with Count Dooku, Darth Momin and Watch Your Career with Great Interest. It almost feels free in a Darth Momin deck as if they don’t immediately re-roll or turn the dice to something else you can use his Power Action to give you a discount on the ability he plays next. I feel like blue villain needs to be pulled out of the binder and given some love. By me anyway, you might be playing it day in day out.

Next up is Force Assistance. A truly fabulous card. It may slow you down but I see this as a card that kind of gives you two focus a turn. You do have to have all the same sides of this dice available on your other dice or your opponents but that’s not too much of a stretch. A subtle offensive and defensive card at the same time. What’s even cheekier is that as well as all doing this you still might get a cheeky shield out of it and it can help be a base side so you don’t end up with stranded modifiers. Great for pairing up those Zeb sides when he’s stomping around with a blue friend.

I expect this was an easy character to decide to give the new Charm mechanic as it is so fitting, but with Garsa it feels like you are getting a three dice character with the third dice always being a one focus side. That alone for a 12pt character feels amazing but her dice sides, health, colour, the whole package basically allows her to fit in to many pairings. I’ve seen her be played in Mill decks, Big/Little damage decks and three wide decks. She’s such a good character she can fit anywhere especially being Neutral. I’m pretty sure that if you ask any player what their favourite Garsa deck is you’d get back a lot of different answers. Mine is Leia Organa from Redemption with Garsa and Path to Mastery which all came about from wanting to give Qui-Gon’s Teachings a try which let’s you turn taking shields into damage.

It’s no secret that Jedi Temple Guards was a great card from the off. It was so good it needed a slight errata tweak to read as you only get the elite dice if you spot a Jedi or an Apprentice. A necessary card in order to be able to flip the new Rey. However, that’s not why it makes my list. You get five useful dice sides, all of which are base sides. It is the immensely simple Power Action that I like. It feels like you have a bit of a safety net when this is on the board. Whether you use it to re-roll one of your dice that is not co-operating with your game plan or to mess with one of your opponents, it’s just nice to have. An added bonus is having the Jedi sub-type allowing you to still spot a Jedi should your main character Jedi be defeated. It only helps with two cards, Lightsaber Feint and The Way of the Jedi but I’m sure there will be more to come.

Krayt Dragon Bones is such a fun card. It’s possible to get a look at your opponent’s hand in some decks to know what you might be getting when you use the Action but you can always find a good spot to use this hoping to get one of the effects. Better in mill decks as hitting a one is much more useful then as it forwards on your game plan. It’s grey neutral so this can go in any deck and always proves useful. I find myself dropping it into many decks I build. It might not make the final thirty but it’s never far off.

I’m not entirely sure why I like this card so much. Much like the Temple Guard, this has a very useful dice but it is the Power Action that draws me to this card. Turning shield sides into damage just like the Old Luke. It makes some other cards feel much better as you can weaponise your shields. The cards that first comes to mind are Shien Mastery and Plo Koon, both now sporting five damage sides when this is on the table. It’s especially great when you can pull off resolving a Leia Saber shield side boosted by shields to five.

For me Mother Talzin is hands down the best 17pt character designed. It has a possible chance of some healing on activation. She has a very useful, sometimes powerful, Power Action making this character seem like a three dice character, even though the third die might not be one of her own but her partners, or even a set aside Tusken Raider dice from the Tusken Camp. The two shield side offers her some protection. She gets the very relevant sub-types of Leader and Witch so there are a lot of ways you can go with her. Then at 17pts she has a smorgasbord of pairings. It’s a perfect character.

My final choice is the humble Scout Trooper. Always been mine favourite Stormtrooper variant in Star Wars. I always thought it would make a good red villain non-unique with Detect. That’s not what this character is but I’m glad the Scout Trooper is in the game in some guise. It makes perfect sense though as a support as they are there to support the larger battalions of Stormtroopers. The activation effect is really neat as it actually gives you a tiny bit of hand knowledge albeit a card you just gave your opponent. That’s what a scout should do, discover things ahead of your main force. My favourite interaction for the Scout Trooper is to activate and give your opponent the card they currently can’t play or can’t afford to play and then activate the Empire at War Thrawn from the Echoes of Destiny Reprint List to give yourself a guaranteed hit on activation. I’ve not even mentioned that you get to potentially discard a very useful card at the same time. That’s not even the last thing either. It has the Trooper subtype so if you need to spot a Trooper then you can use this support if your character Trooper has been defeated. Okay the dice is average but each side is resolvable and who knows you might need that one gun side to pair with a modifier.

I said final choice so you might be wondering why Lorth Needa has just made an appearance. He’s here as I had a little fling of really liking this card but I’ve now swung to hate and we all know where that leads. He action cheats, he has two resource sides and all sides are useful. He gets you a huge support. Sounds awesome right and I keep coming up with deck ideas to use him in so what’s not to love. He gets you a big ship but you can’t guarantee to use his resource sides in order to play the ship as you get what you are given and that’s that. Can’t manipulate them, nothing. You think you can set up plays with him. Roll in other stuff first to use his focus but what happens is that your opponent knows he is free to remove those other dice as they know that his dice can’t be removed so why not. Not being able to manipulate his dice tend to mean that you don’t have what you need when you need it. Start of the game I want those resources but Needa says NO, discard and a 2 focus. Late game you probably want the focus or the damage but NO, Discard and a resource. He’s so frustrating. I’ve not even mentioned those blanks you roll are dead dice unless you can roll a focus on his other dice at the same time and you only have yourself to blame for playing Needa when he rolls a double blanks.

I know get to go and read echo7‘s article starting off this Seeking Answers. We’ve each managed to choose nine cards. Why neither of us rounded it off to ten I’m not sure. I know I thought initially three red, three yellow and three blue giving me nine to choose. I obviously didn’t stick to that colour breakdown but that was my first thought and how I got to choosing nine. I kinda did do ten with the Love/Hate relationship I have with Needa. We only have three crossovers, Garsa Fwip, Krayt Dragon Bones and Force Assistance. All fun cards that seem innovative and have an interesting different effect on the game that has not been seen before. We both only have one event in our selections which is probably to be expected but way less likely that they both were Blue events.

I’m looking at echo7‘s list and I’m thinking “yes I need to try that card, it looks fun”. There is so much that Seeking Answers offers for deck-building that I hope you get the same feeling from this article too.

I hope that you are enjoying exploring this great new(ish) set. The meta is fantastic at the moment with so many possibilities. I also hope to see you either at our in person event this Saturday at Tritex Games in Stafford, UK. Event details for that are here. If not then on Tabletop Simulator sometime.

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