Destiny Smash at Gencon

Across the water in the Indiana Convention Center (feels wrong writing it that way but it is an American gig so I’ll have to roll with it), Indianapolis on the 4th to 7th August there is a huge gaming convention happening. I hope you get chance to attend, I know I wish I could. One day maybe.

Star Wars Destiny has multiple events run by our good friends from the amazing A Renewed Hope team. I’m here today to discuss and maybe help with the first in person tournament for Destiny Smash created by our other good friends over at Dice Commando. This format has been in the Destiny community a while now and now has 50 characters over the three phases created. The Gencon format is to be:-
Draw 3, choose 1 to play, your opponent then bans 1 and you will play the 1 remaining.

This is going to give you some tricky choices to make. This is where I’m hoping to help. I’ve played a lot of Smash games at this point and recorded every single one with what characters won or lost. It’s this data I’m here to share with you today. Sure, you can just play your favourite characters or maybe a character you’ve never played before but for a more informed choice . Just looking over the data, I’ve played 48 of the 50 characters at least once. Let’s look at the data shall we.

CharacterWinsGames PlayedWin %
Poe Dameron44100%
Kylo Ren BFF5683%
Master Luke5683%
7th Sister4667%
Aayla Secura4667%
Iden Versio4667%
Sabine Wren4667%
Tobias Beckett4667%
Torra Dozza4667%
Asajj Ventress2367%
Lando Calrissian2367%
Wedge Antilles2367%
Rey (2PS)5863%
Han Solo71450%
Farmboy Luke51050%
Cassian Andor4850%
Commander Pyre4850%
Boba Fett3650%
Leia Organa3650%
Jango Fett2450%
Quinlan Vos2450%
Padme Amidala1250%
Captain Phasma1250%
FOST Squad2540%
Pong Krell3933%
Synara San2633%
Rey BFF1333%
Count Dooku31030%
Director Krennic2729%
Hondo Ohnaka1617%
Dr Aphra050%
Jabba the Hutt030%
Darth Vader020%
Hera Syndulla020%
Savage Oppress020%
Maz Kanata010%

Looks like you’ll be in very good hands if you manage to pull Rex or Poe Dameron. Both have a decent 11 health. Rex sports 50% damage sides and Poe has that huge 2 focus side and his special is also a focus but can be used defensively as well. If these characters come your way, you shouldn’t pass them up.

Everyone loves those hairy Wookies are in Smash it shouldn’t be any different. A very solid 86% win ratio. High health values and as they get damaged there capacity for damage output increases in a classic Hulk like manner.

I’m always happy to see Master Luke as one of my options with his high health and three damage sides. I didn’t expect to see Kylo Ren so high up the rankings but as per our other table toppers, Kylo has a decent health pool and three damage sides one of which can repeat. He also has a decent chance of being paired with a Hero in Smash meaning his Power Action is online for additional damage.

On the flip side there are a bundle of characters that your opponent should definitely choose for you to play with Dr Aphra, Gungans, Jabba the Hutt and droids all not registering a single win. Aphra always seems like a good proposition to play in Smash with an in built discount on Droids and 2 solid damage sides. She just unfortunately is a little too squishy and just ends up being ineffective unless you can find here droids very early on in the game and with only 1 of each in the deck it makes here extremely inefficient. To be honest the same can be said for all of these decks. Gungans and droids have low damage, low health and multiple blanks on dice. Jabba’s activation ability becomes terrible if not paired with another yellow character, but even then he has only 10 health and no damage sides.

I’m surprised to see Darth Vader and Hondo down the bottom end of the table. Hondo’s damage sides can be paid off and he’s a little squishy I guess but the ability to either get resources from your opponent so you can ramp but they don’t or do a solid 3 damage from his special seems like a good option to have in your arsenal. Darth Vader though seems very odd to have not picked up a win yet. A solid character with 12 health and damage sides disguised in a special mean you can slip past some removal. I see him as a 50/50 deck and very balance. I guess with only 2 plays we might be a little short on data.

I hope you enjoyed looking over this and that it proves useful should you be able to attend and try out this great format. Good luck to all the players and may you have a great Gencon time while playing some Destiny.

Buckle up, baby.


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