The Summer of Destiny

Hello there, Destiny Fans!!!!

We’re here today to bring you details for the Summer of Destiny. It all starts in June which will have the biggest UK Destiny Event. This is on Saturday 3rd June at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham and will be the first ARH Grand Championship this year.

The UK Games Expo will see the culmination of one of the best metas Star Wars Destiny has ever seen with many different decks able to clinch the top spot. The Display of Power meta will come to an end at the Expo as we eagerly await the next instalment from the Renewed Hope team in Set 7, Resurgence. Credit goes to our very own Echo3ofClubs and his design team for creating this fabulous level of gameplay and balance.

The Expo is held at the NEC Birmingham, North Ave, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT.

The UK Games Expo will be the highest level of Organised Play that A Renewed Hope have to offer It will be the UK Grand Championship and comes with a prize pool worthy of the title.

For the overall winner – Winner’s Playmat featuring Art from the Display of Power card Mercy Doesn’t Defeat the Enemy.

Top 4 – Darth Vader playmat featured the Display of Power Art for Darth Vader from Pistachios.

Top 8 – Spot Gloss Version of Display of Power, Darth Vader.

Top 24 – Spot Gloss Version of Display of Power, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

These are all super awesome, so awesome that this year I will also be playing to get my hands on these, but don’t take my word for it, check them out here. If you don’t make the cut into the finals, then for those that want more Destiny we will run some side events and we will happily demo Destiny Smash and ARH Destiny for anyone that doesn’t want to compete but would like some casual games. Just check in on us later in the day and we’ll get something sorted for anyone interested.

Hopefully, that has got you excited enough to be interested in booking your seat at the Grand Championship in just over 2 weeks time. There are ten tickets remaining so book yours as soon as possible because if I need more space then these tickets will need to be sold first and I’d hate for anyone to miss out because we left it too late to ask. You’ll first need a ticket into the UK Games Expo itself which you can purchase on their website here. A single day ticket for an adult is £18. You’ll then need a ticket to the Grand Championship itself and you can purchase that here. The event ticket is £16.
Registration is from 10am with the event to start once everyone has arrived and registered. You will find us in NEC Hall 3 in Row A.

Unfortunately, Rail unions have chosen the day of the Grand Championship as a day of industrial action so there will not be any trains into the venue on that day so please take this into account when planning your journey.

If you want to join us and are familiar with the game and rules but don’t possess a full collection of the ARH cards, do let us know in our Discord or message us on facebook and we’ll sort you the deck you want. You can build it or look for decklists on the ARH Database here.

The Summer of Destiny won’t stop there though. We’ll have details of more events soon.

I feel bad that so far there isn’t really anything in this article for non-UK players to get stuck into. So in the honour of the Summer of Destiny, I have a mono sunny yellow deck list that I’ve been enjoying playing inspired by the recent Mandalorian series. Here’s the list featuring Bo-Katan Kryze and The Armorer.

This deck is super themic with all the Mandalorian weapons and vehicles but also packs a very decent punch. Bo-Katan is possibly one of the best characters to use the event Swift that allows her to roll in and use her Power Action to action cheat damage through but also Cheap Shot and Fight for the Cause are cards that can get round the restriction of not being able to resolve dice from Swift. The rest of the event suite is straight forward removal with Headstrong and Let’s Make a Deal being the heavy multiple dice removal cards here. I think the surprise card in this deck for me is the Syndicate Electrostaff. It generally gets played on The Armorer and makes the 2 shield side on her character dice much better with the resource cost removed. It pairs very well with The Armorer’s character dice with some hefty damage sides. In the opening mulligan, I’m hoping and looking to see either a Beskar Hammer or Syndicate Electrostaff along with some zero cost removal, Rallying Cry or Strike a Deal. Starting with 3 resources thanks to High Stakes also makes having any 2 cost dice card to help build a board along with an Electroshock or This Is The Way perfectly acceptable as a starting hand. I guess one of the deck’s strength is that it is fairly flexible in getting a useful starting hand whatever you draw. Always take your own battlefield if you win the roll off. With both characters and Din’s Starfighter all having a useful special that can push damage through it is the perfect battlefield to keep you ahead on tempo.

I hope you like the deck and give it a try. I’ll happily build it for you to use at the UK Games Expo Grand Championship if you can make it. I hope to see as many of you there as possible. Don’t forget to get signed up sooner rather than later so I will know if more space is required.

Enjoy the Summer of Destiny.


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