Transformations Musings

Some thoughts regarding the impact of Transformations, as well as some rules clarifications

Who needs Tabletop Simulator?

A look at the growing community of people who are playing Destiny remotely using webcams, and how to get involved.

Viper Probe Droid

A look at the recent clarification on Viper Probe Droid and its implications

eLeia/eLor San/LTP deck review

A review of Leia/Lor/LTP, which won the UK TTS theme event, and came second in the EG weekly, written by the deck’s pilot, Wojtek. Is this the beginning of the Mill Renaissance?

The Future of the Game

A look at what we know about the future of Destiny under the stewardship of the continuing committee

Trandoshan Hunters

A look at public perception of Trandoshan Hunters. Are they broken, or merely very powerful?