Echobase Promos

We have designed and produced exclusive echobase promotional cards in collaboration with Twin Suns Gaming. These cards will be given out as participation prizes in our regular events which are run via our Discord (link at the bottom of the article).

All cards are alternative art versions of existing cards which are legal for Destiny play.

OP Kit 1
As we’re echobase, we’ve used scenes from Hoth (or at least Empire Strikes Back) for all the artwork of this kit:

First given away to one lucky participant in the echobase Christmas Extravaganza, our version of Transformations Luke – Fulfilling His Destiny is about as Echo Base as it gets, with the main power generators and a couple of Golan laser batteries in the background. While the Luke pictured was not a Jedi yet, we couldn’t resist giving one of our favourite Destiny characters the echobase treatment for a promo. Bonus points if you know where the flavour text comes from.

Possibly the best value character ever printed, it seemed appropriate to have pilot Han, “piloting” a Tauntaun for this promo. Plus, he certainly looks cool (and confident).

Channeling the old SW:CCG Anakin’s Lightsaber (possibly the best card from the Hoth expansion) we thought this artwork just looked stunning on a Destiny card. This has proven to be our most popular promo.

The original artwork on Bacta Therapy looked decidedly evil (well, it was Vader in it after all). Sure, it was made for Convergence Palpatine, but at echobase we’re fans of the Bandolier Luke build, so it seemed appropriate to take the original bacta tank scene from Echo Base for this promo. Plus, it was a good excuse to use that quote from Han Solo for the flavour text.

The most recent of our promos was released with our exclusive spoilers from A Renewed Hope for their upcoming set Redemption. We actually designed this version of pilot Luke before we got our spoilers. And in our spoilers was none other than Luke’s gunner on Hoth, Dak! Match made in heaven.

It seemed appropriate to use a scene from the quiet before the battle for a re-make of On Guard. We spoiled this card in our Redemption article too, as it works very well with the Luke Dak deck.

The flip side of Transformations Anakin, this Vader hasn’t seen much play as a starting character, but I am 100% going to be putting this in a sleeve with him for future matches.

Our only non-Hoth promo from our first OP kit. We love this card, and so thought we’d use this iconic scene from Empire for our version.

Desperate Measures has been a staple of yellow villain decks for a long time now to keep large supports that dominated for a while in check. There is still a healthy amount of good supports that still see play so this card is always going to be useful. We couldn’t think of any other card title when we saw this image.

Our final card is Pulverise. We needed to give Red cards a bit of love in our promo set and although this doesn’t see too much play at the moment, that picture fits the title perfectly.

Finally, the backs of all these cards feature the echobase logo. Make sure that if you’re putting any of these cards in a deck that you use opaque backed sleeves:

OP Kit 2
The first of these were spoiled in mid-March, and we’ll keep adding them as more get spoiled. The theme of this set is Empire and Jedi.

Our first ARH promo, and referencing the art from the Spirit of Rebellion classic Force Speed, we felt this was OG Luke at his most valorous.

We wanted to do a Carrie Fisher dedication promo. It felt right to pay homage to the Leia who never was due to Carrie’s untimely passing, the lightsaber wielding force apprentice Leia, who finally made an appearance in Destiny under ARH. We picked this beautiful stock image of her from filming in Norway for the Echo Base scenes, as it seemed an appropriate image for an echobase tribute.

We understand of course that this is Hoth Leia; but it’s dedication image, of a dedication persona. It’s the Leia we loved, for the one who never will be. That seemed right to us.

A popular card, and we do like this image for it. You could take it literally: he’s acutely aware of the awkward predicament he’s in. Or you could see the joke: he has no idea really where he is, or what he’s doing there.

This felt like the perfect fit for this card, and the flavour text works just right too. Our third ARH promo of OP2.

The original trilogy Viper Probe Droid. It seemed timely to print this with Aphra from ARH being a card, allowing you to include multiples of these. VPD was a card which was designed to only remove one die, but, due to its wording and the way the queue works in Destiny, actually allows you to remove multiple dice. Our version is functionally identical to the FFG original, but has (we hope) much clearer wording.

Closing In/Captured received an ARH errata, so here we present the edited version, using what we thought were the classic closing in and captured scenes from Empire, courtesy of Boba Fett.

Covert Mission is one of my favourite cards, and expansions. We decided to reprint this card with the shuttle Tydirium covert mission to the forest moon.

Later that same day; Assail is a great piece of 1 for 1 mitigation. Perfect with ARH Ackbar, so it felt right to put an Ackbar quote on this one.

One of the most effective pieces of mitigation from ARH, Headstrong has left a lot of people feeling like they’ve been treated unfairly, so the flavour text, as well as the fact that Boba Fett is actually standing up to Vader, made this a good fit.

The last card from OP2, and perhaps our favourite of the lot. I don’t think anything else needs to be said here.

That’s all for now. We’ll keep adding more promos as and when we spoil them. If you want to get your hands on any of these cards, just follow the Discord link below and get involved with our regular events:

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