A Renewed Hope

A Renewed Hope have released two sets, Faltering Allegiances and Redemption, and these cards are now available on swdestinydb. For easy to print at home sheets, go to the ARH website or you can download them here:

The latest set Redemption is pretty recent and therefore most people won’t have dice printed yet. Here are some handy dice conversions for some of the cards.
The –> symbol means you can flip to this symbol, which is of course preferably.
The = symbol means you just have to remember that the symbol/value showing is a proxy for another symbol/value combination, so we’ve tried to avoid these as much as possible:

Closest dice for B side: No great matches. None match more than 4 sides so you might as well keep you Maul (Leg2) die [3MD1 = 3MD, 1R = Sp1]

Closest dice for B side: Fifth Brother (WotF2), Kylo Ren (SoH2) or Leia Organa (AtG90) [1R –> Sp]

Closest dice: Poe Dameron (TPG25) [Sp –> 1R] or Captain Phasma (Conv18) [1Sh –> 1R]

Closest die: Rey (Awk38) [+2MD –> 1Dc]

Closest die: Imperial Death Trooper (CM23) [+1R –> -], Holdout Blaster (Awk63) [1Sh –> -] or Luke Skywalker (CM56) [2R –> -]

Closest Die: Surprisingly similar to Planetary Bombarment (WotF33), at least the same values [7ID1 –> 7RD1, 6ID1 –> 6ID, 4Dr –> 4Dc]

Closest die: Heirloom Lightsaber (Leg58) [1Sh –> -] or General Grievous (WotF21) [2Dr –> -]

Closest die: Boba Fett (Leg19 or CM38) or Ketsu Onyo (Riv3) [1R/1Dr/1Dc/Sp –> -]

Closest die: Most matching sides is Watto (Conv38) [2Dr –> 1Dc, +2R = 2F1], but easiest proxy is probably Jabba The Hutt (Conv36) [2F = 2F1, 1Dr –> 1Dc, +2R = 2R1]

Closest die: Conscript Squad (Conv134) [+2RD –> 0RD]

Closest die: Qui-Gon Jinn (AWK37) [1MD –> 2MD]

Parallel die: Shien Training (CM115)

Closest die: Director Krennic (CM21) [1Dc = 2RD] or Director Krennic (SoR3) [1F = 2F, 2Dr –> 1R]

Closest die: Torra Doza (CM91) [2ID = 2MD, 1R = 2R], Kazuda Xiono (CM72) [1RD = 2MD, 1R = 2R] or Boba Fett (Leg19) [Sp = 1Sh, 1R = 2R]

Closest dice: General Veers (AWK4) [1RD –> 2RD] or Rex’s Blaster Pistol (WotF87) [2ID –> 2RD]

Closest die: Jyn Erso (Atg74) [2RD (second) = 2RD1]

Closest dice: Padme Amidala’s Starship (Conv85) [3F = 2RD, 1Sh = 2Sh], Millennium Falcon (Legacies52) [3RD = 2F, 4ID1 = 2Sh]

Closest dice: No particuarly good matches, but Palpatine (SoR11) [3RD –> 2RD, 2Dc = 2R], Millennium Falcon (Legacies52) [3RD –> 2RD, 4ID1 = 1R], N-1 Starfighter (WotF103) [3ID –> 2RD, Sp = 2R]

Closest die: K-2SO (EaW26) [2MD = 2RD, 1R = 2F] or Darth Bane (CM1) [1R = 1Dc, Sp = 2F]

Closest die: U-Wing (SoR31) [2F = 2Dc]

Closest die: Mudtrooper/First Order Stormtrooper [2RD = 2ID]

Closest die: Arc Angel (Leg23) [2Sh1 = 2Sh, 2ID = 2RD]

Parallel die: Luke Skywalker’s Lightning Rod (WotF69)