A Renewed Hope

A Renewed Hope have released two sets, Faltering Allegiances and Redemption, and these cards are now available on swdestinydb. For easy to print at home sheets, go to the ARH website or you can download them here:

The latest set High Stakes will start spoiling soon. When it does, we will have dice conversions for some of the cards, so you can re-use old dice as rough proxies until you get printed/stickered replacements.
The –> symbol means you can flip to this symbol, which is of course preferably.
The = symbol means you just have to remember that the symbol/value showing is a proxy for another symbol/value combination, so we’ve tried to avoid these as much as possible:

Closest die: Luminara Unduli (SoR36) Sp = 2F

No good matches. Vibrocutlass (Leg69): 3MD = 3RD, 4MD1 = 2RD; Millenium Falcon (Leg52): 4ID1 = 2MD, 2R = 2Dr, or you could play Luke Skywalker (LEG31) and add 1 to all the sides, replacing resource with disrupt, also Ghost (EaW) isn’t terrible: 3RD1 = 3RD, 2Res = 2MD, Sp = Blank.

Parallel die: Canto Bight Security (SoH150)