Rules and Holocrons

Here you’ll find links to the official and unofficial community holocrons and rules references for Star Wars Destiny:

FFG Official Documents

A Renewed Hope Documents

A Renewed Hope are an a committee who are producing additional Destiny expansions, starting with Faltering Allegiances, which was released on 16 October 2020. They are not officially affiliated with FFG, but would appear to have the largest support base of any continuing committee at present.

Below are the Holocron and Rules Reference for use with the A Renewed Hope fan made sets, which to date comprise Faltering Allegiances only.

A Renewed Hope Holocron

A Renewed Hope Holocron

A Renewed Hope Rules Reference

A Renewed Hope Rules Reference

Other Community Holocrons

Dice Commando
The content provider and youtube channel Dice Commando have created their own Infinite Holocron. This holocron has been adopted by A Renewed Hope as their Infinite Holocron going forward. Here it is:

Dice Commando Infinite Holocron

Jrak and Tune Holocron
A group of players headed up by Jack Wiles (Jrak) and Justin Schmelzel (Tune) have got together to produce an extended version of the above Holocron to give older a characters a new lease of life. This Holocron is quite a bit more generous with older characters, so may possibly contain some broken combos, but is certainly a fun extension to the more measured Dice Commando Holocron:

A more liberal Infinite Holocron by Justin Schmelzel and others

Note that the above Jrak and Tune Holocron links to a google doc which should be continually updated. Should this link ever break, here is a permalink to an archived pdf of that Holocron, though note that may take you to an out-of-date version.

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