Searching the SWD database

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One of the best resources we have as players is the amazing This database allows you to search by many terms and is incredibly powerful once you get the hang of it.

It was created by the dedicated Paco Eslava, and is maintained by him and by contributions from the Destiny community including ourselves. We will continue to add new cards to the DB as long as new cards get produced by the Destiny Continuing Committee.

On the DB you can search for anything in the title of a card by just typing it in to the search box. You (almost) always should use lower case. This matches upper and lower case characters. So if you want to find all the cards with Yoda in the title, type in yoda and hit enter.

Search using capitals is for searching for abbreviations, and will only match any letters in capitals. For example IBAT matches It Binds All Things (though FOST will not match First Order Stormtrooper as the t isn’t capitalized).

You can go much deeper than just titles though. Here are the commands you can use when searching for other useful features of cards:

Text Commands
x – Text
t – Type
b – Subtype
a – Affiliation
f – Colour
s – Set

Numeric Commands
o – Cost
h – Health
Boolean (0/1) Commands
d – With die
u – Uniqueness

You use the Text Commands followed by a colon ( : ) to search for keywords. These can be used together in any order.

For example, if you want to find all events available to villain which remove dice:
t:event a:villain|neutral x:remove x:die|dice
Or if you want all hero or neutral weapons available to mono-blue with “Lightsaber” in title for use with Diatium Power Cell:
Lightsaber a:hero|neutral b:weapon f:blue|gray (yes, we have to use the American spelling of grey)

The set command uses the following abbreviations:
AW, SoR, EaW, TPG, LEG, RIV, WotF, AtG, CONV, AoN, SoH, CM, TR, FA.
Unfortunately there is no command for ‘cards in standard’. I prefer to just sort by set after searching, then scroll down, but if you like, you can add the long-winded:

The Numeric Commands allow colon ( : ) for equal to, as well as greater than ( > ) and less than ( < ) symbols. So if I want all red characters with 10 health or greater:
f:red t:character h>9
Or if you want all grey neutral cards with a cost of 1 or more for your Jawa deck:
f:gray a:neutral o>0

The Boolean Commands are a bit strange. They deal in true and false, but the way you enter false is with a 0. Anything else it will interpret as true. This is just how it works. So if you want all diceless characters:
t:character d:0
Or if you want all unique upgrades:
t:upgrade u:1 (to get non-unique upgrades you’d need to use u:0)

If you want to search for a keyword that is more than one word, such as Bounty Hunter, you need to put a dash between the words:

What if you want to do something a bit different? You might want to find characters with a specific cost, or specific dice sides. This can’t be done easily on the SWDB.

For this, we’re here to help. We’ve created a spreadsheet of every card every published, which you can use in Google Sheets or download for use in Excel. You can then search manually or filter the columns as you would with any spreadsheet.

Click the image below to check it out. I’d recommend doing this on a computer as it can be a bit unwieldy on a phone:

Click the image above to go to the spreadsheet. You can then copy or download it for your own use.