A Renewed Hope Season 2020-21

Now that the majority of Destiny events are utilising A Renewed Hope Standard, we will be recording the results of all these tournaments here.

Total Wins in the A Renewed Hope Faltering Allegiances Season:
eTaron Malicos/eVader(CM)/eUnited: 5
eTaron Malicos/eVader(CM): 2
eDooku/Bane/United: 2
eHan(Tr)/eAnakin(Tr)/Lightsaber Mastery: 2
ePong Krell/eVader(CM): 2
ePong Krell/eDooku/Lightsaber Mastery: 1
eAnakin(Tr)/eAhsoka/Youngling/United: 1
eAnakin(Tr)/eAhsoka/Youngling: 1
ePalpatine/eWatto: 1
ePalpatine/eWat Tambor: 1
eDooku/eEnfys: 1
eLuke(Tr)/Obi-Wan(Tr)/eUnited: 1
eLuke(Tr)/Han Solo(Tr): 1
eLuke(Tr)/K-2SO: 1
eDengar/e4-LOM/Closing In: 1
eIG-88/eJango Fett/Extremist Campaign: 1
eAsajj/eDengar/Closing In: 1
Greez/eC-3PO/eR2-D2: 1

19 January, Echobase IX
Winner: eDooku/eEnfys
Runners-Up: eNinth Sister/eSecond Sister/Inquisitorius, 2eTrandoshan/Trandoshan/Extremist Campaign, ePong/eVader

17 January, SWDBR January
Winner: eLuke(Tr)/eHan Solo(Tr)
Runner-Up: eVader(CM)/eElrik Vonreg(CM)
Semifinalists: eHan Solo(Tr)/ePoe Dameron & eSaw Gerrera/eKes Dameron

12 January 2021, Echobase VIII
Winner: ePong Krell/eVader(CM)
Runners-Up: ePong Krell/eVader, eObi-Wan(Conv)/eLuke(TrA)/Jedi Trials

5 January 2021, Echobase VII
Winner: ePalpatine/eWat Tambor & eLuke(Tr)/Obi-Wan(Tr) [both 4-0, Palpatine wins on SoS]
Runners-Up: eLuke(CM)/eHan(Tr), eLuke(Tr)/eSatine

17 December, Entourage Gaming XXXVIII
Winner: ePong Krell/eDooku/Lightsaber Mastery
Runner-Up: eBoba Fett/eJango Fett/Closing In

15 December, Echobase VI
Winner: eIG-88/eJango Fett/Extremist Campaign

12 December, Echobase Christmas Extravaganza
Players: 34
Winner: eTaron Malicos/eVader
Finalist: eTaron Malicos/eVader
Semi-finalists: eTaron Malicos/eVader & eTaron Malicos/eVader
Quarterfinalists: eLuke Skywalker(Tr)/eHan Solo(Tr), eAnakin(Tr)/eAhsoka/Youngling, eAnakin(Tr)/eKashyyyk Warrior/Valorous Tribe, eIG-88/eBoba Fett/Extremist Campaign

10 December, Entourage Gaming XXXVIII
Winner: eAsajj/eDengar/Closing In
Runner-Up: e4-LOM/General Grievous/Sentinel Messenger

8 December, Echobase V
Players: 8
Winner: eAnakin(Tr)/eAhsoka/Youngling
Runners-Up: eHan Solo(Tr)/Hera/Kanan, ePong Krell/eVader(CM), eYoda/eSatine/Lightsaber Mastery

3 December, Entourage Gaming XXXVII
Winner: ReyLo
Runners-Up: ReyLo, eJabba/eWat Tambor/Jawa Junk Dealer

2 December, Echobase IV
Players: 17
Winner: ePong Krell/eVader(CM)
Runners-Up: eChopper/eHera/Kanan/Spectre Cell, eIG-88/eBoba Fett/Extremist Campaign, eLuke Skywalker(Tr)/eHan Solo(Tr)

27 November, Destiny Jnr. Holiday Tournament (in place of Entourage Weekly)
Players: 19
Winner: ePalpatine/eWatto
Runners-Up: eHan Solo(Tr)/Kazuda Xiono/Hera, eAhsoka/eChopper/Kanan, eTaron/ePyre/Order 66

24 November, Echobase III
Players: 12
Winner: eTaron Malicos/eVader(CM)
Runners-Up: eKrennic/Snoke’s Praetorian Guard/Motti, 2eTrandoshan Hunter/Imperial Death Trooper, 2eTrandoshan Hunter/Trandoshan Hunter/Extremist Operation

22 November, Brazil
Players: 18
Winner: eHan Solo(Tr)/eAnakin(Tr)/Lightsaber Mastery
Runners-Up: eBoba Fett/eJango Fett/Closing In, e4-LOM/eDengar/Closing In, eTaron Malicos/Maul

19 November, Entourage Gaming XXXVI
Winner: eHan Solo(Tr)/eAnakin(Tr)/Lightsaber Mastery
Runners-Up: IG-88/FN-2199, Purge Trooper/eTrandoshan Hunter/eImperial Death Trooper, ReyLo

17 November, Echobase II
Players: 11
Winner: eDengar/e4-LOM/Closing In
Runners-Up: ReyLo, eChewbacca/eTarfful/Valorous Tribe

On 17 November, A Renewed Hope published an update to their Holocron. The main changes were to ban United and also restrict C-3PO and R2-D2, as well as unrestricting most other cards. Our review of this change is here. All following events used this update. This update was significant, but objectively fairly minor. As such, we will collate the results from before and after this change.

12 November, Entourage Gaming XXXV
Players: 14
Winner: eTaron Malicos/eVader(CM)/eUnited
Runners-Up: eAsajj Ventress/eDengar/Closing In, eKashyyyk Warrior/eMace Windu/Valorous Tribe

10 November, Echobase I
Players: 13
Winner: eLuke(Tr)/Obi-Wan(Tr)/eUnited
Runners-Up: eHan(Tr)/eChewbacca/Valorous Tribe, Greez/eC-3PO/eR2-D2

5 November, Entourage Gaming XXXIV
Winner: eAnakin(Tr)/eAhsoka/Youngling/United
Runners-Up: Greez/eC-3PO/eR2-D2, eHan(Tr)/eAnakin(Tr)/Lightsaber Mastery, eKrennic/Wat/IDT/United

1 November, Lançamento Lealdades Em Declínio (FA Launch), Brazil
Players: 16
Winner: eDooku/Bane/United
Finalist: eAnakin(Tr)/eHan Solo(Tr)/Lightsaber Mastery
Semifinalists: eDooku/Bane/United & eBala Tik/eJabba/United
Note: top of Swiss was eLuke(Tr)/K-2SO, but the player dropped before the Top Cut

29 October, Entourage Gaming XXXIII
Players: 16
Winner: Greez/eC-3PO/eR2-D2
Runners-Up: eAnakin/eAhsoka/Youngling/United, eDooku/Bane/United, eTaron Malicos/eVader(CM)/eUnited

25 October, Destiny Down Under (DDU) Event
Players: 11
Winner: eDooku/Bane/United
Runners-Up: ReyLo, eSaw/Kashyyyk Warrior/Vengeful Wookiee, eDengar/e4-LOM/Closing In

25 October, Dice Commandos (DC) Event
Players: 41
Winner: eTaron Malicos/eVader(CM)/eUnited
Runners-Up: eAnakin(Tr)/eKasyyyk Warrior/Valorous Tribe, ePhasma/FOST/Advanced Training, eBala Tik/eJabba/United

24 October, Echobase Event
Players: 24
Winner: eLuke(Tr)/K-2SO
Finalist: eChewbacca/eTarrful/Valorous Tribe
Semifinalists: ePong Krell/eVader(CM)/United & eTaron Malicos/eVader(CM)/eUnited
Note: top of Swiss was eTaron/eVader, but the player dropped before the Top Cut

22 October, Entourage Gaming XXXII
Players: 16
Winner: eTaron Malicos/eVader(CM)/eUnited
Runners-Up: eChopper/Wookie/Greez/Valorous Tribe, eBala Tik/eBing/United, ePhasma/FOST/Advanced Training

18 October, Entourage Gaming Tournament of Champions
Players: 8
Winner: eTaron Malicos/eVader(CM)/eUnited
Finalist: Greez/eC-3PO/eR2-D2
Semifinalists: eDooku/Bane/United & e4-LOM/eDengar/Closing In

17 October, A Renewed Hope Release Event
Players: 104
Winner: eTaron Malicos/eVader(CM)/eUnited
Runner-Up: Kanan Jarrus/Sifo-Dyas/eAhsoka Tano/United
Semifinalists: 2eTrandoshan/Trandoshan/Extremist Campaign & eSaw Gerrera/Chief Chirpa/Freewok/Ewok/eUnited
Quarterfinalists: eDarth Bane/Imperial Death Trooper, eAsajj Ventress/eDengar/Closing In, eBala Tik/eDirector Krennic & eSaw Gerrera/Chief Chirpa/Freewok/Ewok/eUnited
Round 1: eChewie/eTarrful/Valorous Tribe, eBala/eBing, eHan(Tr)/eChirpa/Freewok/2Ewok Warriors/Extremist Campaign, eSaw/Chirpa/Freewok/Hoth Trooper, e4-LOM/Grievous/Sentinel, eBoba/eJango/Closing In, Maul/eTaron/United & eJyn/eCass/Intelligence Operation
Note: top of Swiss was Greez/eC-3PO/eR2-D2, but the player dropped before the Top Cut

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