Coronavirus Season 2020

In memory of Andrew Jack a.k.a. General Emmet

As the world has ground to a halt during the global pandemic, tournaments are migrating to TTS. Therefore, we’re going to start tracking the results of TTS tournaments and posting them up here.

Total Wins in the Coronavirus/TTS Season (post-Transformations)
C-3PO/R2-D2/eSatine/eRescue Han Solo: 2
ePalpatine/eWatto: 2
Aphra/Sentinel/Battle Droid/eSweeper Droid Infiltration: 2
eFives/eAnakin(CM)/Fateful Companions: 1
ePadme/eHan(Tr)/Armored Reinforcements: 1
Anakin(Tr)/eTarfful/Valorous Tribe: 1
eJabba/Wat/Sentinel Messenger: 1
ePoe(CM)/eHan(Tr): 1
e4-LOM/General Grievous/Sentinel Messenger: 1
eAsajj Ventress/eDengar/Closing In: 1
eLor San Tekka/Anakin/eBail: 1
eTarfful/eChewbacca/Valorous Tribe: 1
2eTrandoshan/Imperial Death Trooper: 1

Total Wins in the Coronavirus/TTS Season (using Gandork Holocron, pre-Transformations)
ReyLo: 2
e4-LOM/General Grievous/Sentinel Messenger: 2
eKragan/eImperial Death Trooper/Armored Reinforcement: 1
eSatine/eR2-D2/C-3PO: 1
2eImperial Death Trooper/Luce: 1
eJabba/eKrennic/Calling In Favors: 1
eLor San Tekka/eBail Organa/Anakin Skywalker: 1
eDengar/eKylo Ren: 1

Total Wins in the Coronavirus/TTS Season (Standard, pre-Transformations)
eChopper/eC-3PO/R2-D2: 6
2eTrandoshan Hunter/Luce: 3
eLuke/eFenn Rau/Armored Reinforcement: 2
2eTrandoshan Hunter/Imperial Death Trooper: 2
eChopper/2Rebel Engineer: 1
e4-LOM/General Grievous/Sentinel Messenger: 1
eLuke Reluctant Instructor/eYoda/Lightsaber Mastery: 1
Jawa Scavenger/Enfys Nest’s Marauder x3/No Allegiance: 1
eKragan/eImperial Death Trooper/Armored Reinforcement: 1
eKragan/eWatto/Separatist Conspiracy: 1
ePalpatine/eWatto: 1
Anakin/eFives/Hoth Trooper/Fateful: 1

September, Artificery XXII
Winners: Anakin/eFives/Hoth Trooper/Fateful
Finalist: eWollfe/eFives/Cody/Fateful
Semifinalists: eSatine/R2/3PO/Rescue Han Solo & 4Jawa Junk Dealer/Quarren Tracker/DD
Quarterfinalists: ePalp/eWatto, Anakin/eFives/Hoth Trooper/Fateful, Aphra/Battle Droid/Sentinel/eSweeper Droid x2

September, Artificery XXI
Winner: 2eTrandoshan/Imperial Death Trooper
Runner-Up: eAphra/Sentinel/Battle Droid/eSweeper Droid Infiltration
Semifinalists: 2eTrandoshan/Luce, eAsajj/eDengar/Closing In
Quarterfinalists: eAsajj/eDengar/Closing In x2, eKylo/eDooku/Rule of Two, eQui-Gon Jinn2/eYoda1/United
Top 16: ePalpatine/eWatto x3, eAsajj/eDengar/Closing In, eAphra/Sentinel/Battle Droid/eSweeper Droid Infiltration, ReyLo, eLuke(Tr)/eSatine & eBail/eLor San Tekka/Anakin

18 September, Entourage Gaming XXVII
Winner: eTarfful/eChewbacca/Valorous Tribe
Runner-Ups: eLando/eAnakin(Tr), eAsajj Ventress/eDengar/Closing In, 4 Jawa Scavenger/Quarren Tracker/Double Down

10 September, Entourage Gaming XXVI
Winner: Aphra/Sentinel/Battle Droid/eSweeper Droid Infiltration
Runner-Ups: eKragan/eJabba/eUnited, eRex/eHan5/Send In The Troopers, eAsajj Ventress/eDengar/Closing In

5 September, Cardiff Prime (Anakin, Fives and Han from Transformations restricted)
Winner: eLor San Tekka/Anakin/eBail
Runner-Up: eLuke(Tr)/Obi-Wan/eUnited
Semifinalists: ePalpatine/Wullf Yularen/Lightsaber Mastery & eVaderTTB/Jawa Junk Dealer/Lightsaber Mastery

3 September, Entourage Gaming XXV
Winner: eAsajj Ventress/eDengar/Closing In
Runner-Ups: eLando/eAnakin(Tr), Anakin(Tr)/eFives/Fateful Companions, eAsajj Ventress/eDengar, eLuke(Tr)/eSatine

27 August, Entourage Gaming XXIV
Winner: ePalpatine/eWatto
Runner-Ups: ePalpatine/eWatto, eLuke(Tr)/eSatine, eHan(Tr)/eRex/Send in the Troopers, eAnakin(CM)/eFives/Fateful Companions

August, Artificery XX
Winner: C-3PO/R2-D2/eSatine/eRescue Han Solo
Finalist: Aphra/Sentinel/Battle Droid/eSweeper Droid Infiltration
Semifinalists: eQui-Gon Jinn2/eYoda/United & eJango/eBoba/Closing In
Quarterfinalists: eBane/Greedo/Retribution, e4-LOM/General Grievous/Sentinel, Aphra/General Grievous/Sentinel & eLor/Bail/Anakin/Long Term Plan
Round 1: eEnfys/eFives/Fateful Companions, eAnakin(CM)/eFives/Fateful Companions, eLuke(CM)/eLando/eRescue Han Solo, Aphra/Sentinel/Battle Droid/eSweeper Droid Infiltration, eJabba/Wat/Sentinel, eKylo2/eDooku3/Rule of Two, eHan(Tr)/ePadme/Armored Reinforcement & eLuke(Tr)/eObi-Wan/eUnited

20 August, Entourage Gaming XXIII
Winner: ePalpatine/eWatto
Runner-Ups: eQui-Gon Jinn/eYoda/United, eAnakin(Tr)/eHan(Tr)/Fateful Companions, ePalpatine/eWatto

15/16 August, SWD Discord I
Winner: C-3PO/R2-D2/eSatine/eRescue Han Solo
Runner-Up: eMaul(SoH)/Mandalorian Super Commando/Retribution
Semifinalists: Anakin(Tr)/eTarfful/Valorous Tribe & eJango Fett/eBoba Fett/Any Means Necessary

13 August, Entourage Gaming XXII
Winner: e4-LOM/General Grievous/Sentinel Messenger
Runner-Ups: eSatine/R2-D2/C-3PO/eRescue Han Solo, eHan Solo(Tr)/R2-D2/C-3PO, Aphra/Sentinel/Battle Droid/eSweeper Droid Infiltration, eLuke Skywalker(Tr)/eAnakin(Podracer)

6 August, Entourage Gaming XXI
Winner: Aphra/Sentinel/Battle Droid/eSweeper Droid Infiltration
Runner-Ups: eJabba/Wat/Sentinel, eAnakin(Tr)/eAhsoka/Youngling

30 July, Entourage Gaming XX
Winner: ePoe(CM)/eHan(Tr)
Runner-Ups: eQui-Gon/eYoda/United, Dengar/Asajj/Greedo/Closing In, eFives/eSatine/Anakin(WotF)/Fateful Companions

26 July, TTS V, Europe (Fateful Companions banned)
Winner: Anakin(Tr)/eTarfful/Valorous Tribe
Runner-Up: eJyn/eCassian

25 July, Entourage Gaming Tournament of Champions
Winner: eJabba/Wat/Sentinel Messenger
Runner-Up: ePadme/eHan(Tr)/Armored Reinforcement

23 July, Entourage Gaming XIX
Winner: ePadme/eHan(Tr)/Armored Reinforcement
Runners-Up: Luke(Tr)/Obi-Wan(Tr)/eUnited, eAnakin(Tr)/eKashyyyk Warrior/Valorous Tribe, eAnakin/eHan(Tr)/Fateful Companions

16 July, Entourage Gaming XVIII (first event with Transformations)
Winner: eFives/eAnakin(CM)/Fateful Companions
Runner-Up: eFives/Anakin(Tr)/Hoth Trooper/Fateful Companions

15 July: Transformations and a new FFG Holocron are Published
The 12 card print-at-home set, Transformations, is released on the same day that the new official Holocron is published. The new Holocron is almost identical to the previously released Gandork Holocron, so makes little difference on competitive play. The new set however, while small, contains a number of very powerful cards which have shaken up competitive play considerably.

June/July, Artificery XIX, USA
Players: 50
Winner: ePalpatine/eWatto
Runner-Up: eLor/Bail/Anakin/Long Term Plan
Semifinalists: TBD: Aphra/Sentinel/? & eThrawn/ePraetorian
Quarterfinalists: eKylo2/eDooku3, e4-LOM/Grievous/Sentinel, 2eImperial Death Trooper/Luce, PloWoks
Round 1: eQi’ra/eDaka, eThrawn/ePraetorian, ePalpatine/eWatto, eEnfys/eYoda1, ReyLo, eLor/eBail/Anakin, e4-LOM/Grievous/Sentinel, eSatine/R2-D2/eC-3PO

9 July, Entourage Gaming XVII (Gandork Holocron)
Winner: eSatine/R2-D2/eC-3PO
Runner-Up: eYoda/Bail/Anakin & eKylo2/eDooku3

2 July, Entourage Gaming XVI (Gandork Holocron)
Winner: e4-LOM/Grievous/Sentinel Messenger
Runner-Up: eSatine/R2-D2/eC-3PO

29 June, Dice Commandos (Gandork Holocron)
Players: 17
Winner: ReyLo
Runners-Up: e4-LOM/Grievous/Sentinel Messenger, ePhasma3/Imperial Death Trooper/Retribution, eAnakin Skywalker/Darth Bane/Rule Of Two

25 June, Entourage Gaming XV (Gandork Holocron)
Winner: ReyLo

18 June, Entourage Gaming XIV (Gandork Holocron)
Winner: eDengar/eKylo Ren
Runners-Up: eKragan/ePalpatine, Plowoks, eLuke Skywalker/eFenn Rau

13 June, Polish Open III (Gandork Holocron)
Players: 10
Winner: eLor San Tekka/eBail Organa/Anakin Skywalker
Runner-Up: 2eImperial Death Trooper/Luce

11 June, Entourage Gaming XIII (Gandork Holocron)
Players: 32
Winner: eJabba/eKrennic/Calling In Favors

6 June, Polish Open II (Gandork Holocron)
Players: 8
Winner: 2eImperial Death Trooper/Luce
Runner Up: eQi-ra/eHan/No Allegiance

6 June, TTS IV, Europe (Theme Event, so results not shown in victories tally)
Winner: eLor San Tekka/eLeia Organa/Long Term Plan

4 June, Entourage Gaming XII (Gandork Holocron)
Players: 32
Winner: e4-LOM/General Grievous/Sentinel Messenger
Runner Up: eLeia Organa/eLor San Tekka/Long Term Plan

30 May, Polish Open I (Gandork Holocron)
Players: 10
Winner: eKragan/eImperial Death Trooper/Armored Reinforcement
Runner Up: ePadme/eChirpa/Ewok Warrior

28 May, Entourage Gaming XI (Standard)
Winner: 2eTrandoshan Hunter/Luce
Runner Up: Plo Kloon/Chief Chirpa/Ewok/Hoth Trooper

23 May: The Gandork Holocron is Published
This unofficial Holocron is published and adopted by a number of tournament organisers. It has a high impact on the majority of Top Tier decks. Results using and not using this holocron will therefore be split.
Holocron can be found here

May, Artificery Invitational, USA
Players: 27
Winner: eChopper/eC-3PO/R2-D2
Finalist: ReyLo
Semifinalists: 2eTrandoshan Hunter/Imperial Death Trooper & ePalpatine/eWatto
Quarterfinalists: eChopper/eC-3PO/R2-D2, ePalpatine/eWatto, ReyLo & eAnakin/eAhsoka

May, Artificery XVIII, USA
Winner: eChopper/2Rebel Engineer
Finalist: ReyLo
Semifinalists: eChopper/eC-3PO/R2-D2 & eDooku3/eKylo2

21 May, Entourage Gaming X
Players: 28
Winner: 2eTrandoshan Hunter/Luce
Finalist: 2eTrandoshan Hunter/Luce

16 May, TTS III, Europe (Theme Event, so results not shown in victories tally)
Winner: e Anakin/eAhsoka
Finalist: eAnakin/eAhsoka
Semifinalists: eYoda/eTarrful/Valorous Tribe, AWK eLeia Organa/AWK eHan Solo

14 May, Entourage Gaming IX
Winner: 2eTrandoshan Hunter/Luce
Finalist: eKragan Gorr/eSynara San

7 May, Entourage Gaming VIII
Players: 24
Winner: eLuke Reluctant Instructor/eYoda/Lightsaber Mastery
Finalist: Aphra/Krennic/Force Sensitive Outcast/Rule of Two
Top4: 2eTrandoshan/Imperial Death Trooper & eMaul/Marauder/Order 66

30 April, Entourage Gaming VII
Players: 28
Winner: eChopper/eC-3PO/R2-D2

27 April, TTS II, Europe
Players: 34
Winner: eChopper/eC-3PO/R2-D2
Finalist: ReyLo
Semifinalists: ReyLo & 2eImperial Death Trooper/Sentinel Messenger

23 April, Entourage Gaming VI
Players: 24
Winner: e4-LOM/General Grievous/Sentinel Messenger

18 April, TTS DDUNetwork I
Players: 14
Winner: eChopper/eC-3PO/R2-D2
Finalist: eChopper/Rebel Engineer x2/AR
Semifinalists: ReyLo, 2eTrandoshan/Imperial Death Trooper

16 April, Entourage Gaming V
Players: 28
Winner: Jawa Scavenger/Enfys Nest’s Marauder x3/No Allegiance
Finalist: eChopper/eC-3PO/R2-D2

9 April, Entourage Gaming IV
Players: 24
Winner: eLuke/eFenn/AR

6 April, TTS I, Europe
Players: 24
Winner: eChopper/eC-3PO/R2-D2
Finalist: Jawa Scavenger/5 Jawa Junk Dealer/No Allegiance
Semifinalists: ReyLo & eJabba/Wat/Sentinel Messenger

2 April, Entourage Gaming III
Players: 24
Winner: eKragan/eImperial Death Trooper/AR

March-April, Artificery XVII, USA
Winner: eChopper/eC-3PO/R2-D2
Finalist: ?
Semifinalists: ReyLo & ?
Quarterfinalists: eQi’ra/eDaka, eKragan/eVal, eYoda/eLeia(Boushh), eKragan/eJango
Decks with unknown finish: eChopper/eC-3PO/R2-D2, eTrandoshan/eTrandoshan/IDT

26 March, Entourage Gaming II
Players: 16
Winner: 2eTrandoshan/Imperial Death Trooper

19 March, Entourage Gaming I
Players: 8
Winner: eKragan/eWatto/Separatist Conspiracy

February-March, Artificery XVI, USA
Winner: eLuke/eFenn Rau/Armored Reinforcement
Finalist: Kanan Jarrus/eChopper/Kashyyyk Warrior
Semifinalists: Kanan Jarrus/Chopper/Kashyyyk Warrior & ?

January, Artificery XV, USA
Winner: 2eTrandoshan/Imperial Death Trooper
Finalist: ReyLo

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