Redemption Season 2021

Below are the results from ARH Standard events since Redemption was released on 29th January.

Total Wins in the A Renewed Hope Redemption Season, post-Holocron:
eKylo(RM)/eDooku/Rule of Two: 2 (Echobase XX decklist, Battle of Hoth decklist)
eChewbacca(RM)/eHan Solo: 1
eKashyyyk Warrior/Wullffwarro/Valorous Tribe/+eTarfful: 1
eLuke Skywalker(Tr-B)/eSatine Kryze: 1
eDooku/Darth Zannah/Pyke Sentinel/Watch Your Career With Great Interest: 1
2 *Jawa Junk Dealer/eLuke Skywalker (Tr): 1
eBala Tik/eMaul(RM-A): 1

Total Wins in the A Renewed Hope Redemption Season, pre-Holocron:
Hondo/2Pirate Loyalist/Ultimate Heist: 5
eKrennic/Hondo: 2
eDak Ralter/eBenthic: 2
Admiral Ackbar/Han Solo(SoH): 2
eLeia(RM)/eAnakin(Tr): 2
eAnakin/eLumpawaroo/Hoth Trooper: 2
eChewbacca/eLumpawaroo/Valorous Tribe: 2
eWullffwarro/eLumpawaroo (bringing in eTarfful): 1
eAdmiral Ackbar/eUnited: 1
eAdmiral Ackbar/Grand Design: 1
eBail/eLeia(RM)/Ultimate Firepower: 1
eJyn(FA)/eCassian(FA): 1
eGeneral Veers/eIDT/Relentless Advance: 1
eGeneral Veers/eJabba: 1
eKragan Gorr/First Order Stormtrooper/Pirate Loyalist: 1
eObi-Wan/eCassian/Intelligence Operation: 1
eVader(CM)/eSavage(RM-B)/Rule of Two: 1
eKrennic/Palpatine/Extra Firepower: 1
eQui-Gon Jinn/eArc Trooper Echo: 1

10 June, Echobase XXVII
Players: 10
Winner: 2*Jawa Junk Dealer/eLuke Skywalker (Tr)
Runners-Up: eAckbar, Wat Tambor/eJabba/Savage Opress

3 June, Echobase XXVI
Players: 10
Winner: eBala Tik/eMaul(RM-A)
Runners-Up: ePurge Trooper/eFN-2199/Snowtrooper, eCassian Andor/eJyn Erso/Intelligence Operation

27 May, Echobase XXV – High Stakes spoilers allowed, so not included in final total
Players: 12
Winner: eLeia/eKi-Adi-Mundi
Runners-Up: eHan Solo (Tr)/eDin Djarin

20 May, Echobase XXIV
Players: 8

13 May, Echobase XXIII
Players: 8
Winner: eDooku/Darth Zannah/Pyke Sentinel/Watch Your Career With Great Interest
Runners-Up: eDarth Vader/eSavage Opress/Rule of Two, eHondo/Bail

6 May, Echobase XXII
Players: 8
Winner: eLuke Skywalker(Tr-B)/eSatine Kryze
Runner-Up: FN-2199/3First Order Stormtrooper/Relentless Advance

29 April, Echobase XXI
Players: 14
Winner: eChewbacca(RM)/eHan Solo
Runners-Up: eMaul(RM-A)/Hondo, eLuke Skywalker(Tr-B)/Kashyyyk Warrior, Jyn Erso/Obi-Wan Kenobi(RM), Burryaga Agaburry/Luminara Unduli/Valorous Tribe

24 April, The Battle of Hoth
Players: 25
Winner: eKylo(RM)/eDooku/Rule of Two
Finalist: eVader(Tr)/eSavage/Rule of Two
Semifinalists: eVader(Tr)/eTrandoshan Hunter & eVader(Tr)/eSavage
Quarterfinalists: eHan(Tr)/eDash, eHan(Tr)/eChewbacca(RM), eVader(Tr)/eTrandoshan Hunter, eKylo(RM)/eMaul(RM-A)/Rule of Two

21 April, Entourage Gaming
Players: 8
Winner: eKashyyyk Warrior/Wullffwarro/Valorous Tribe/+eTarfful
Runners-Up: 2 x eVader/eSavage/Rule of Two, eIG-88/eJango/Extremist Campaign

15 April, Echobase XX (not a single deck was yellow villain or Ackbar)
Players: 14
Winner: eKylo(RM)/eDooku/Rule of Two
Runners-Up: eDarth Vader(Tr)/eSavage(RM-A), eBail Organa/eMace Windu/Lightsaber Mastery, Wullffwarro/eKashyyyk Warrior/Valorous Tribe, eTarfful/eBurryaga Agaburry/Valorous Tribe

On 14 April, a new Holocron was issued which had a significant impact on pirate decks through errata, positively balanced Leia, Anakin, Ackbar and Lumpy, and negatively balanced 12 other characters. As this was a significant update, results pre- and post-holocron will not be combined.

9 April, Mid-Cycle Event – Redemption Championships
Players: 35
Winner: Hondo/2Pirate Loyalist/Ultimate Heist
Finalist: Hondo/2Pirate Loyalist/Ultimate Heist
Semi-finalists: eAnakin/eLeia, Hondo/2Pirate Loyalist/Ultimate Heist
Quarter-finalists: eChewbacca/eLumpawaroo/Valorous Tribe, eAnakin/eLumpawaroo/Hoth Trooper, eAnakin/eLeia, eMaul(RM-B)/eSavage

8 April, Echobase XIX
Players: 12
Winner: eQui-Gon Jinn/eArc Trooper Echo
Runners-Up: eDengar/Hondo, eKashyyyk Warrior/Wullfwarro/Valorous Tribe, eDengar/eKylo(RM)

7 April, Entourage Gaming
Players: 5
Winner: eAnakin/eLumpawaroo/Hoth Trooper
Runner-Up: eJyn/eCassian/Interlligence Operation

1 April, Echobase XVIII
Players: 11
Winner: eKrennic/Palpatine/Extra Firepower
Runners-Up: eDooku/Darth Zannah/Pyke Sentinel/Watch Your Career With Great Interest, eHan/eDash

31 March, Entourage Gaming
Players: 21
Winner: eAnakin/eLumpawaroo/Hoth Trooper
Runners-Up: eVader(CM)/eSavageB, eDooku/Darth Zannah/Pyke Sentinel/Watch Your Career With Great Interest

25 March, Echobase XVII
Players: 12
Winner: eKrennic/Hondo
Runners-Up: eBane/Zannah/Rule of Two, Kragan/Pirate Loyalist/Skreek/Ultimate Heist, eLuke/eDak, eLuke(Tr)/eSatine

24 March, Entourage Gaming
Players: 12
Winner: eChewbacca/eLumpawaroo/Valorous Tribe
Runners-Up: eBane/Darth Zannah/Rule of Two, eLeia(RM)/Greez/Hoth Trooper/eRescue Han Solo, eQui-Gon Jinn/C-3PO

21 March, Galactic Open III
Players: 38
Winner: eKrennic/Hondo (finished 5-1)
Runners-Up: eWicket/5Ewoks/Sound the Horn (defeated the top deck in the final round), eHondo/Bail, eVader(CM)/eSavageB(RM)/Rule of Two

21 March, Galactic Open II
Players: 47
Winner: eLeia(RM)/eAnakin(Tr)
Runners-Up: eAckbar/eUnited, eBane/Zannah/Rule of Two, eLumpawaroo/eChewbacca(RM), Hondo/2Pirate Loyalist/Ultimate Heist

20 March, Galactic Open I
Players: 52
Winner: Hondo/Pirate Loyalist/Pirate Loyalist/Ultimate Heist
Runners-Up: eLeia(RM)/eAnakin(Tr) x2, Bail/eHondo, Wat Tambor/ISB Agent/eGarindan, Hondo/2Pirate Loyalist/Ultimate Heist

18 March, Echobase XVII
Players: 17
Winner: eBail/eLeia(RM)/Ultimate Firepower
Runners-Up: eRey/eKylo/Temporary Truce, Hondo/eSynara San/Ultimate Heist, eJabba/eVeers, eLeia(RM)/eAnakin(Tr)

17 March, Entourage Gaming
Players: 14
Winner: Hondo/Pirate Loyalist/Pirate Lotalist/Ultimate Heist

11 March, Echobase XVI
Players: 22
Winner: eVader(CM)/eSavage(RM-B)/Rule of Two
Runners-Up: eKragan/eImperial Death Trooper/Extra Firepower, eVader(CM)/eSavage(RM-B)/Rule of Two, eGarindan/Tseebo/ISB Agent, eLeia(RM)/eAnakin(Tr), Palpatine(Conv)/eOzzel/Pirate Loyalist, eCal Kestis/eLeia(RM), eChewbacca/eLumpawarro/Valorous Tribe

10 March, Entourage Gaming
Players: 17
Winner: eAdmiral Ackbar/eUnited
Runners-Up: eAdmiral Ackbar/eUnited, 2eTrandoshan Hunter/Trandoshan Hunter/Extremist Campaign, eMace Windu/eBail/Lightsaber Mastery

On 10 March, a balance update was released which balanced Benthic, curbed the power of Veteran of War, and restricted the combination of Admiral Ackbar and Jump to Lightspeed. As this was a relatively minor update, results pre- and post-errata will be combined.

Throughout March, Artificery League XXVII – ongoing
Finalists: eAdmiral Ackbar/eUnited
Top4 (to play): , eBenthic/ePadme vs. eLeia Organa(RM)/eAnakin(Tr)
Semifinalists: eBenthic/eDak Ralter
Quarterfinalists: Admiral Ackbar/Han Solo(SoH), eBenthic/eAnakin(Tr) x2, Hondo/2Pirate Loyalist/Ultimate Heist

4 March, Echobase XV
Players: 12
Winner: Admiral Ackbar/Han Solo(SoH)
Runners-Up: eLuke Skywalker(Tr)/eLumpawaroo, eBail/eLeia/Extra Firepower

3 March, Entourage Gaming
Players: 14
Winner: Hondo/2Pirate Loyalist/Ultimate Heist
Runners-Up: 2eTrandoshan Hunter/Pirate Loyalist/Ultimate Heist, 2eTrandoshan Hunter/Imperial Death Trooper, eJabba the Hutt/eGeneral Veers, Obi-Wan Kenobi/Cassian Andor

25 February, Echobase XIV
Players: 18
Winner: Admiral Ackbar/Han Solo(SoH)
Runners-Up: eLuke Skywalker(Tr)/eLumpawaroo, eAnakin/eBenthic, eJabba/eVeers, eGalen/eObi-Wan Kenobi

24 February, Entourage Gaming
Players: 18
Winner: eChewbacca/eLumpawaroo/Valorous Tribe
Runners-Up: eTrandoshan Hunter/eTrandoshan Hunter/Enfys Nest’s Marauder, Admiral Ackbar/Han Solo(SoH), eObi-Wan/eCassian/Intelligence Operation

19 February, Echobase XIII
Players: 18
Winner: eGeneral Veers/eJabba
Runners-Up: eDak Ralter/eBenthic, eAdmiral Ackbar/eUnited, ePadme Amidala/Jawa Junk Dealer/Lumpawaroo/Valorous Tribe, Hondo/Pirate Loyalist/Pirate Loyalist/Ultimate Heist

17 February Entourage Gaming
Players: 21
Winner: eObi-Wan/eCassian/Intelligence Operation (went 4-1, as did all runners-up)
Runners-Up: Admiral Ackbar, Hondo/Pirate Loyalist/Pirate Loyalist/Ultimate Heist, eDarth Bane/Darth Zannah, eAnakin Skywalker/eGeneral Rieekan/Lightsaber Mastery

On 12 February, a balance update was released which curbed the power of Pirate Loyalists and The Ultimate Heist. As this was a relatively minor update, results pre- and post-errata will be combined.

Throughout February, Artificery League XXVI
Winner: Hondo/2Pirate Loyalist/Ultimate Heist
Finalist: eKylo/eDooku/Rule of Two
Top4: eDarth Bane/eDarth Zannah & eHan Solo(TM)/eChewbacca(RM)
Top8: eHondo/eKendal Ozzel, eAdmiral Ackbar/Grand Design, Palpatine/Savage Opress/Pyke Sentinel, eAdmiral Ackbar/eUnited

11 February, Echobase XII
Players: 22
Winner: eKragan Gorr/First Order Stormtrooper/Pirate Loyalist
Runners-Up: eBane/eZannah/Rule of Two, eKashyyyk Warrior/Wulffwarro/Valorous Tribe, eGreez Dritus/Leia Organa/Bothan Spy (mill), eAhsoka/eQui-Gon Jinn, eAdmiral Ackbar/eUnited

10 February, Entourage Gaming
Winner: eWullffwarro/eLumpawaroo (bringing in eTarfful)
Runners-Up: eBenthic/eDak, eIG-88/eZiro The Hutt

7 February, Dice Commando
Winner: eDak Ralter/eBenthic
Runner-Up: eBane/Zannah/Rule of Two

7 February, SWDBR Redemption I
Players: 12
Winner: eVeers/IDT/IDT/Relentless Advance
Runners-Up: Hondo/Pirate Loyalist/Pirate Loyalist, Merrin/Ziro the Hutt/Dengar

4 February, Entourage Gaming
Winner: eDak Ralter/eBenthic
Runners-Up: Wullffwarro/eKashyyyk/VT, Darth Zannah/eDarth Bane, eDak Ralter/eBenthic, eLumpawaroo/eSatine Kryze/eWicket/Sound the Horn

2 February, Echobase XI
Players: 18
Winner: eJyn(FA)/eCassian(FA)
Runners-Up: eLuke/eDak/Destroy the Death Star, Kragan/Hondo/Ultimate Heist, eDooku/eKylo(RM)/Rule of Two, eKragan/Pirate Loyalist/Pirate Loyalist/Ultimate Heist

31 January, Dice Commando
Winner: eAdmiral Ackbar/Grand Design
Runner-Up: Kylo Ren (RM)/eMaul(RM)/Watch Your Career With Great Interest

30 January, Redemption Release Event
Players: 156
Winner: eLeia(RM)/eAnakin(Tr)
Finalist: Hondo(RM)/Pirate Loyalist/Pirate Loyalist
Top4: Hondo(RM)/Kragan/Ultimate Heist & eHan(Tr)/eDash
Top8: eKragan/Skreek/Pirate Loyalist/Ultimate Heist, eAckbar(RM)/eUnited, eHan(Tr)/eLeia(RM)/Lightsaber Mastery & eQui-Gon Jinn(RM)/Kashyyyk Warrior/Valorous Tribe