The Reprint Awards

Faltering Allegiances is almost upon us as the new Star Wars Destiny Set. As we mentioned in a previous article this set is going to trigger rotation of the Legacies block of cards. None of these cards will be legal for play in the Renewed Hope Standard Format. I think one thing that surprises everyone is that we will not have any reprints in the new 90 card set as revealed by lead designer Agent of Zion in a Dice Commando interview. It’s probably something to do with not wanting to use copyrighted cards from another designer which makes perfect sense. We are used to having a number of reprints in new sets especially where rotation is involved so there is the question of, what if we did?

I investigate that here today. I’ve decided that we could make a nice round 100 card set so we’ll need 10 reprints. 2 in every colour including grey and a plot and a battlefield. Now there is a lot of cards out there to choose from and everyone will have their favourites. Here are the echobase Nominees and Winners of a reprint award. What would your choices be?

First category up is Blue Force cards. Now in each of the 3 major colours there will be three nominees from each faction, Hero, Villain and Neutral.

Force Villain. Sporting more shield hate than anyone can ever need and some fabulous out of hand damage cards our nominees for blue villian are:-

Fear and Dead Men has been a great tool to allow the villain force users to do area effect damage but sadly won’t be available after rotation. Intimidate has been an option for as long as we can remember and helps push their aggressive nature forward. Dark Presence is a personal favourite of mine so I’ve thrown it in. A free repeatable dice removal for free is pretty good. I liked to have Interrogation Droid in decks with this one.

Force Hero. Renowned for loading up on shields and just soaking up the damage while chipping away at your health. The nominees are:-

Caution turns an awful roll in into something useful. I’ve missed this card and it would be great to see it feature again. Do or Do Not, who doesn’t like to see something unexpected. This card effect fits the card title so well and has so much potential, add dice for added fun. Luke’s Training is just perfect for blue where resources to pay for cards has always been a sticking point, the fact it can be from the discard pile is just icing. Interesting that all the cards are zero cost in this section highlighting the above point.

Force Neutral. I think the first card that would be an auto-include here would be It Binds All Things but thankfully this is still available post rotation. So our nominees are:-

Conflicted is such a good card. Paying 1 to get a 2 for 1 damage or shield side and then the ability to use the dice again. Great card and is almost a must have if you enjoy playing blue. Overconfidence is probably one of the most interesting removal cards there has ever been. You can gamble with it and roll your own dice and an opponents both potentially improving your dice and removing an opponent’s or just target two of your opponent’s dice. Sorry Saw but this is going to hurt. Invigorate hasn’t really seen loads of play but can be amazing if you can manage a 4 for 1 heal if you can spread the damage around. I liked this in a 3 wide Ahsoka, Jedi deck and realised I’ve not used this card enough. Saw won’t like this one either.

And the Winners are (opens envelope):- Intimidate and Overconfidence

Intimidate is just great value and always has been, it makes your opponent think twice about taking the shield sides and going to a full three if you are playing villain but most of all it can be three damage for the cost of a card. Amazing.

Overconfidence just seems a great option to have back. Probably would almost make Saw unplayable as this would hurt him immensely and that’s probably why I’d like to see this reprinted most of all. I’ve been building decks in trilogy and the removal options need bolstering and this can do that.

Now we all love a good Lightsaber Duel but to win a war you need a strong military force. Let’s turn our attention to the Red Command cards we might want to see reprinted.

Command Villain gives us strong powerful supports, numerous troopers and the leaders to bring them all together. The Reprint Nominees in this category are:-

Scorched Earth is a great card to make Palpatine have to think of how to play around it. Palpatine looks strong in trilogy so this card could be sorely missed as a match winner against him. Reach the Stars is a personal favourite giving the ability to potentially re-roll and maximise 4 dice then it’s topped of with Ambush so you can resolve whatever you might have rolled. We all know how good multiple re-rolls can be, just look at the impact Fives has had. Iden Versio is the perfect command character, a leader and a trooper she packs a punch and with a 2 focus she can get the best out of anything around her. You can’t sneak up on Iden either thanks to that passive ability of shutting down extra actions. Can we really have a standard format without her?

Command Hero brings us swarms of smaller ships, rebellion leaders and those lovable clone troopers. The reprint Nominees in this category are:-

We have a Poe Dameron so how can we not have Black One or BB-8 in the game. It’s just that simple here. I’ve always liked the cards you can play down that have an effect later and Honor Guard is just a decent one of those. A nice removal piece for when you need it.

Command Neutral brings us troopers taking damage for the greater good, battlefield advantage cards and a bundle of ranged weapon and I feel I need to mention the amazing Senate Chamber. The reprint Nominees in this category are:-

Some great Red Neutral cards that drop away into the infinite void when rotation is triggered. Logistics has always seen play. That inconspicuous resource sitting in the pool and then Logistics. Suddenly you have two and are playing something much more threatening and your board state gets a huge boost. Bubble Shield just seems like a fair card, 1 resource for three shields but only against Indirect. This article is starting to look like a I hate Saw article as this can help you out against his big indirect sides but this is just a nice fair card to have around. Finally just a good solid basic redeploy two cost gun that probably nearly every Star Wars character has used at some point. We have the A-300 Blaster going forward already but I think both need to be around for those troopers to have a fighting chance.

And the Winners are (opens envelope):- Logistics and BB-8

Logistics is just one of those cards that should be around like Intimidate. It’s been with us since the beginning and I see no reason to change that fact. 

BB-8 because it’s BB-8. A great dice and ability for resolving him twice in a round. I think Poe can fly any ship but it wouldn’t be right to have him going around with his little droid buddy, Happy Beeps..

(I should also add that should my 5 year old ever read this in the future. I would be in so much trouble if I didn’t choose BB-8.)

Let’s move on to my personal favourite, Yellow Rogue cards. All those great Scoundrels and Bounty Hunters that really round out the Star Wars Universe sit in this colour. These characters are just looking out for themselves and while likely to fall on the light side or the dark side they certainly aren’t going to follow the order and rules seen from our command and force characters. 

Yellow Villain brings a plethora of Bounty Hunters, pirates and the odd Crime Lord. I’m looking at you Jabba. Our nominees in this category are:-

Take Flight is a fantastic zero cost. It’s no Bait and Switch but it has the potential to give the same surprise hit out of nowhere with that Ambush action. That is definitely what you would expect from our yellow villains, them being the scum that they are. Shakedown is again a nice zero cost removal piece that will no longer be available to our villain rogues. I always loved this card as it is a very rare thing for anyone to remove a disrupt side so as long as you have one this card will be online. I had trouble choosing a third card in this category but I kept going back to the Mandalorian Super Commando. With three damage sides and a very neat power action that gets you a further damage on playing an equipment or weapon. This character is just a good solid character that has been in so many pairings since we first saw him in Way of the Force so I believe he could be a fabulous reprint option. 

Yellow Hero brings us all those lovable rogues. They can be as bad as the villains up there but it’s mainly because they have to. This category has my favourite character, Lando Calrissian, who will no longer be an option for pairings in the Renewed Hope Standard Format unless they give me a new one. They have too, right? Our nominees for Yellow Rogue are:-

I have to admit it was hard not to put a Millennium Falcon in here as we won’t have one available for our decks after rotation triggers. How can we not have this iconic ship in our standard decks? I’m sure it will be back. Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder has always been a card I’m happy to see in my hand. Very versatile and getting to see your opponents hand so you can map out your entire round is quite powerful. The fact that you then get to take something out of their hand is great. Let the Wookie Win I have always loved as a card title but it’s effect never saw much use. I’d like the name reprinted but with the added line of “spot a Wookie and you choose instead”. Finally, we have Lone Operative which I think fits nicely with some of the Spy spoilers and theme we have seen so far albeit the spies are red so maybe this might need a colour change. Great card that is mainly there for the special to heal, but all five die sides are solid options. Still waiting for my “Bothan Spy” prediction to come true though. 

Yellow Neutral sees lots of resource generation cards and an even mix of weapons and supports to fill out your yellow decks. Our nominees are:-

First up is Improvised Defense which has been a great if somewhat underused card recently which is quite surprising as it can stop so many things, Rey Power Action on Kylo, Niman Mastery, the new Shi-cho Mastery, Senate Chamber, Trandoshan Hunter to mention just a few things this card is useful against. I think this could be a good card to always have around in any standard format. Vandalize is such a good card and the playing of it has won and lost me so many games. Turn not so useful dice sides into very useful dice sides with this card. With rotation taking away Vandalize and Flames of the Past I feel there is a gap there that needs to be filled. Finally Mandalorian Vambraces, no blanks and you’ll pretty much take any side you roll for this one cost dice. It has a great little action that could save you against a deck trying to mill you if you play your cards right.

And the Winners are (opens envelope):-

A very strong category this one but Improvised Defense and Vandalize come out on top here. Improvised Defense is a very useful card and should always have a place so was an obvious reprint candidate.

Vandalize gives us that threat of permanent removal of a dice which definitely has a place in the game.

In the Grey General Category there will only be two nominees for each faction as there is a much smaller pool of cards to choose from. 

General Villain gives us the following nominees:-

Doubt is a huge card for villain out of the general subset of cards. You can always find something to Doubt in a game. There is always a dice sitting there where if you doubt it, then it couldn’t be any worse. Sometimes it can be a risky play but that never makes it a wrong play. Speeder Bike Scout is just an iconic Star Wars vehicle and is a fairly decent card. Repeatable removable has always been welcome which it’s special does. The pay side on the three ranged side made sure this didn’t see much play so maybe we could drop that pay side and bring this back.

General Hero has a far better choice of cards that could be reprinted. The nominees in this category are:-

T-47 Airspeeder is again much like the speeder bike an iconic vehicle from Star Wars and I’d like to see those type of vehicles in the game. Such a good card too. Solid damage sides and a versatile special depending on the situation. Rey’s Staff felt like the right card to have here. We still have a Rey available following rotation but she will lose her Lightsaber. I think she deserves a weapon and this is a fairly good one. Add in a bit of bonus text that triggers on Rey and I think we’re good.

General Neutral boasts a lot of interesting basic options. The nominees for reprint in this category are:-

Two nice removal pieces here, Under Attack lets you potentially leave a few modifier sides stranded in your opponents pool while also letting you convert direct ranged and melee damage sides to indirect giving you control of where the damage gets placed. Shriek has a Porg on it. That not enough? Oh okay, specials are generally very good dice sides to manage to remove and having Shriek coupled with the ability of the spoiled Second Sister could be neat. Turn their dice to blanks and remove them with this.

Interesting options out of Grey. Better options than I thought there might be but the Winners are:-

Rey’s Staff and Doubt

Rey’s Staff as she has led the franchise for Episodes 7-9 so let’s give her a weapon as she managed to lose the last one we gave her.

Doubt as it’s yet again one of those cards that has always been with us and has always had use and seen play. I don’t think we should be without it just yet.

This is also the first time that plots have rotated out so they should now also be considered for a reprint. The nominees in this category are:-

Solidarity is just a great fun way to build a deck differently with a slight bonus. It’s a card that has had tournament just in this style. I don’t think any other card has managed to have events held around it. Maybe the Death Star Plots but they are not leaving us. This card also fits in with the promotion of mono coloured decks that features in the Faltering Allegiances Set.

Profitable Connection was, certainly in my area anyway, the most used plot when plots came out. Getting that three cost upgrade or support out turn one or something even bigger if you could find a Delve and something to go with it in your opening hand. Definitely deserves a potential spot in our reprints.

The Winner for a Plot reprint is:- Solidarity.

It has to be as it fits the overall theme of Faltering Allegiances so well. Let’s take it with us.

Now last but certainly not least we have the battlefield. Every deck has to have one so they should really be considered for reprints to. The nominees are:- 

And the Winner is Echo Base. Well what else did you expect?

Please put your hands together one more time for our 10 proposed reprints to make Faltering Allegiances a nice round 100 card set. I hope you are starting to get as excited as we are to play some A Renewed Hope Standard Star Wars Destiny as much as we are. It’s so great that we have an amazingly talented group of people that have collaborated together and put their own time into this project so we can continue to enjoy playing Star Wars Destiny. Those are the people you are actually clapping for today.

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