Friends in Cold Places

For as long as public entertainment has been produced there has been prominent duos. From Punch and Judy, to Romeo and Juliet, to Laurel and Hardy, to Batman and Robin, to Morecambe and Wise all the way through to Ant and Dec. Star Wars is no exception to this and has many duos of its own, Anakin and Padme, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, Luke and Leia, the Sith even have a Rule of Two.

By far my favourite duo from Star Wars has to be Han and Chewie. Best buds that just fly around the galaxy together getting involved in countless shenanigans sounds great. I have to say I was so happy that Han SoloCool and Confident escaped a positive balance once again from the A Renewed Hope Team as it meant the Destiny version of this iconic pair using the much better Redemption Chewbacca – Commanding Force remained a legal pairing in the standard format.

I’m pretty sure that it was this fact alone that made sure Han escaped a balance. Just adds to the shenanigans of this pairing. I’m certainly not complaining as this is my favorite pairing at the moment. I think it has risen to the top as with Chewbacca’s power action you get to keep both of your characters for longer, by moving the damage between the two characters so your opponent has to work harder to defeat the first character of your team.

It also give me a chance to play with the Battle of Hoth exclusive prize Alt Arts of these two awesome characters donated by Aegis Creative Company for this Saturday’s charity event and boy they are so good. It’s not the only amazing prize available this weekend; ARH has also donated a World’s Entry to the winner of the event. Thanks to both for their support, and now let’s have a look at the deck I’ve been playing.

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Both Han and Chewie are Scoundrels, rightly so, which makes it hard not to think of running an Entourage package of supports to try and get the most out of the Entourage Special which immediately becomes a three damage side from the beginning. I went for the full Scoundrel Package including Raiding Party alongside Fickle Mercenaries and Hired Muscles. Raiding Party is very useful right now with all the Merchant Freighters that see play. It was also great against Kamino Cloning Facility but that’s no longer an issue after the recent ban. Even if we have to raid our own freighters it means we are speeding up our ramp to overwhelm the board with dice and make that Entourage Special do as much damage as we can.

Entourage support package

I’ve including three further dice cards in the deck namely the Wookie Fluttercraft and Han’s Blaster. The Fluttercraft are a cheeky heal of Chewbacca which is nice. It also boasts a focus side to get to the Entourage Special. The deck overall does lack focus so this makes it a very useful addition. Han’s Blaster is the last dice card as it is simply really good. I only have one as I wanted to fit in all those supports so just simply ran out of room. Also the reason why we don’t have a Chewie’s Blaster in here.

One for One removal

With the upgrades and supports set, we have seventeen spaces left for other cards. No deck gets very far without removal so let’s start there. The first and most obvious choice of removal was Feat of Strength. You see a Wookiee and you have Red in your deck, this is automatically the first card you think of, and rightly so. Good solid damage removal. I wanted removal that could remove any die at any point as long as I had the funds to pay for it. With Chewie’s Power Action keeping your team around for longer I decided to go for exactly this, with the additions of two copies of both Fury and Near Miss. Both great one cost for one dice removal that can take any dice. These can be risky as if you lose a character then they become useless and dead cards in your hand especially if your deceased character is Chewie. Redemption did see some amazing two cost removal options and I’ve jammed three of them into this deck. Namely one Headstrong and two Power of the Tribe. Only one Headstrong, as it is a spot yellow, two of each felt like too many and Chewie is our main character that we want to keep standing.

The main reason for that lies in our tech cards specifically the Heroic Protector card that needs a Guardian character in order to use it which means it only works with Chewie. Heroic Protector is a great damage out of hand card and is very hard to play around in this deck. Occasionally against guardian decks you can play in such a way to get your opponent’s guardian to roll in and forgo the guardian ability. With this deck being support based we can pick our spot to use Chewie and his ability.

Our second tech card if it can really be called that is Run to Safety. One cost to heal three over our two characters. The Chewie Power Action again is key here as we can guarantee damage on both characters. Most Chewbacca decks are likely to try and include this card as it is great value. Another huge bonus of Chewie, (are you getting the idea that it’s all about Chewie, and Han is just brought along for old times’ sake?) is that he boasts a two resource side which really lets us ramp into the Entourage package and that’s why we have two copies of Reap. It’s a no brainer if you pair Chewie with yellow.

The last two card slots are filled by Hull Breach which is a very useful card. It’s main reason to have was to combat Den of Thieves as it’s a very powerful card even with it’s errata. My theory was that if I was going to do two damage but it would go on the Den anyway then why not use that two damage dice to simply blow it up so it can’t take away a later hit either. It also hit Kamino Cloning Facility and Ackbar’s X-Wings which could save a lot of damage. It’s not redundant elsewhere though. It can turn a stranded damage modifier side into indirect damage.

Opening Hand
In the opening hand mulligan, I would always keep Entourage, Reap, Merchant Freighter and Heroic Protector. Pretty much like any deck you want to get that ramp going. I’d be very tempted to keep a Hull Breach if facing Ackbar though. If I win the battlefield roll off, I’ll likely choose my opponent’s battlefield unless my opponent is yellow villain and likely to have Desperate Measures then I really want to have Cloud City to pull that card out of the opponent’s hand and keep all the supports safe.

Other Card Considerations and Variations
One of my favourite things about this deck is that you can go various ways with the deck. You have a pilot so you can run vehicles and protect your pilot with Chewbacca‘s abilities to keep the great pilot support cards active such as Assail and Eject. You can avoid supports altogether and instead pack your deck with guns: Han’s Blaster, Chewbacca’s Blaster, A-300 Blaster, DC-17 Hand Blaster and the DL-18 Blaster. The deck obviously changes considerably as cards like Instigate can then be added to make for a really scary roll in. You’d probably want to change the battlefield to Mean Streets as well and add impactful removal like Reversal that you could get at a discount.

Other cards that should not be overlooked are the very awesome Veteran of War as this deck could be packed with healing as another option along with Fortitude for a more “Wookiee” feel. While writing this the card Fling came to mind as a card that should really be tried out with these two as well.

Final Thoughts

I think you can tell that I love this pairing and will be trying all the variations out. Will I play the pairing more than Keco39 namely Kevin Cocquyt plays Luke Skywalker – Fulfilling his Destiny? I doubt that’s possible.

I do think I will always have a version of this deck built especially as I can use the amazing Spot Glosses donated to the Battle of Hoth event happening this weekend on Saturday 24th starting at 2pm UK Time. We have Spot Glosses of Han and Chewie for the Top 8 and card versions for the next 16 players thanks to the amazing Aegis Creative Company donating these for this new annual charity event.

Aegis aren’t the only ones supporting this event. The A Renewed Hope team has also donated paid entry into the forthcoming Destiny World Championship. Echobase also has some surprises in store of course as well as your choice of echobase OP Kit cards.

Entry is £10 and all entry funds we be donated to our chosen charity for this event: Clic Sargent, who help children and young people with cancer face their treatment and everything that comes with that. A great charity nominated by one of the UK’s finest Destiny Gentleman, Gareth Parfitt, and having been in that situation personally in the past this support can be invaluable.

I hope you can join us and have some fun while supporting this cause. If you can’t play but would still like to support the event and the charity, please PayPal any Donation to and put Battle of Hoth as the reference. All will be greatly appreciated.

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